Monday, November 14, 2011

My Boy's Bookmark

#16 - 100 Motif Challenge
Leaf pattern by Karey Solomon
Thread by Tatskool
All those bookmarks later, I realize I have not given my son, who reads a lot, a tatted bookmark. Poor thing!

Last weekend I parted with the last bookmark I made using one of Martha's''Playing With Picot's patterns. I gave it to my son's wife.

So, today, when I take my son out for lunch, I will give him this leaf. He is a wonderful man who has always supported my tatting, my blogging or whatever else I find myself engrossed in.

They are not exactly the colours I had envisioned, but this is the last of the tatskool, leaf-appropriate thread, so it had to do.  It is kind of growing on me - and I like the tail!

Also, I find it masculine.  So, good. I do hope it will please him.


Something really strange happened yesterday...

I was going through all my tatting, as my sis is coming to town this week, and I will give her a batch of older tats to play with in her quilting and fabric design endeavours.  (I have unloaded a lot of the old stuff - very freeing!)

I found a green and yellow motif that I didn't remember tatting, and when I felt it I actually thought it was one that umintsuru had sent me, as it is very tightly and uniformly stitched.  It is a lovely piece of tatting.  Obviously it was not mine. Mystified, I just could not quite place it.

So, I started to check back through previous tat-ology posts and lo and behold there it was!  Here

Yup - it is Bree's 'Shaded Sun,' and it is tatted by MOI!  Can you believe it!  I did not recognize my own tatting and I was shocked to see how lovely it was.  Laugh-worthy, no?

Not much of my tatting is as nice as this piece and I am trying to figure out why this one turned out so well, how I managed to get that great tension.  Usually my tatting is much floppier.  So, what happened here?


These are vintage beads that my mom collected for me.  I have blogged about them before, writing about this yellow motif, where I first added them to my work.  

I am using them in a fabulous pattern by Susanne Schwenke, and I noticed that they are not glass; I think they are shell.  

If they are not shell, I have no idea what they would be.  They have a lovely lustre and are iridescent with flashes of orangey/red when the light hits them at a certain angle.

Also, they are all different in size and some are quite irregular in shape. Anyone have any ideas?

I am really having fun with this particular motif...


  1. Such nice colours you have chosen for your neat tatted bookmark. Your green & yellow tatted motif is very lovely and what a nice surprise to discover you had made it. My memory is so bad sometimes as well. I've been crocheting mini wreaths, snowflakes & stars lately & I have to try adding some beads as they certainly add a lot to your pieces.

  2. Another beautiful leaf Fox! And I really like your green and yellow motif. Very nicely tatted indeed.

  3. HAHA... what a chuckle you bring.. can't say I've never recognized my own tatting... but I wouldn't put it past my brain to happen sometime (probably soon for I've become terribly forgetful as of late)

    As much as I love beads, I'm afraid I don't know much about them... have you thought about taking them to a bead shop and getting them appraised (LOL)?! well, at least you might be able to find out their material composition.

  4. Those vintage beads appear to be glass: translucent white with an aurora borealis finish. Vintage beads are often very irregular in size and shape because the process was less precise than the modern mechanized one: the beads were just snapped off the pulled cane and then tumbled to smooth them.

  5. Hi, Suzanne!
    I scrunched the beads between my teeth to get the surface 'feel' of them and they did not remind me of glass, but I am sure you are correct. I suppose if I bit down on vintage glass - other than beads - I could make a good comparison,; I am not running to the antique store.
    Fox : )

  6. Love that leaf, Fox, with the swanky tail!

  7. Fabulous leaf!!! I really love the colors! :)

  8. The bookmark you made for your son is beautiful! I really like the tail. You have such clever ways of completing your bookmarks!

  9. Your Son's bookmark is masculine and Autumn and very fine. He will treasure this made by you. How fun that your sis uses your tatted pieces in her creations. Your tatted greens piece is lovely. Happy tatting...

  10. Beautiful bookmark in lovely fall colours. I need to start thinking of what to make with Tatskool HDT.

    I gave away most of my tatting that I like which turned out good, except the Gems snowflakes models. So, I'd probably recognise my own tatting because they are the ones that didn't pass the mark.

  11. Your sons bookmark is lovely and the leaf reminded of your maple leaf emblem you have for Canada.
    I think your beads are glass, many of the old beads were made of glass.