Friday, November 11, 2011

More Martha

#13 - 100 Motif Challenge

This was tatted in #12 Finca, which I am still enjoying.  

Not bad for a fickle lover of threads. Note, the tail.  

I am improving since Miranda's bookmark came in the mail.

Now I enjoy playing around with cords  and all the
many choices there are for designing them.

Oh, yes, stating the obvious:  I did not use a picot gauge. Next time.


  1. How pretty! I think my next bookmark will come from Martha's book. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love that little surprise on the tail! I need to get Martha's book!

  3. your picots look fine to me.

    like the color scheme... it makes me think of coffee cake - mmm guess i know what i'll be baking this weekend

  4. Nice play on color. Everyone does their picots differently so it doesn't bother me that they are not exactly as Martha used. Some people like big lacy ones, others like tiny ones, some like long and pointy....there's always personal preference and it sometimes depends on the item. Some need more "dressing" and others need less. Keep playing! Develop your own style along the way!

  5. I like the effect that using two colors has on this bookmark.

  6. very clever use of duo colours in this bookmark. looks exquisite! the picots don't bother me...

  7. This really lives up to its namesake - Mirror, mirror. Lovely!!