Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Down The Chute

#25-100 Motif Challenge

...the garbage chute that is! 

That is where this tatting very nearly left my apartment late last night before I realized I could not find it.  

I had left it on the kitchen counter, under a paper towel, where it had been drying beneath a vase.  The vase had been returned to the cupboard, but I got distracted and left the kitchen to do something else, leaving the towelling and its contents on the counter.

When I returned, I noticed the paper towel, and proceeded to wipe up after the cat - his old food, his dish and other remnants of the day. After the tidy-up was done, I left the kitchen.

When I realized I could not find my newly tatted motif, I was mystified.  I went back to the kitchen thinking it must still be drying under the vase.  Nothing.

Finally, I knew that I had to go through the garbage and I was chagrined.  Not because of the filthy cat-food and the need to now wash and re-press the motif - if it was indeed in the garbage, but because I had done it yet again.

You see, I am known for this peculiar character trait.  I throw things indiscriminately into the trash. There have been several incidents at work when I had to be issued a new pay cheque.  Yes, you have the right image in your head!

I come by this naturally.  My grandmother flushed money and even her wedding rings down the toilet.  Don't ask.

Daisy Picot Pattern by Jon  My first daisy picot pattern!
#20 Lizbeth


  1. Good job you checked the rubbish bin, I love the colours. This is yet another lovely snowflake from Jon. I pin mine out on a polystyrene board and spray them with water.
    happy tatting

  2. You always make me laugh!! Glad that you rescued the beautiful motif.

    I was thinking about you the other night as I was on my hands and knees picking up beads from the floor. I thought about putting some tape on baby and rolling around, but decided against it :)

  3. When I first saw the title, I thought you had deliberately dicarded the motif, and I was going to have very stern words for you. I'm glad you found it. Congratulations on your first daisy picots! They look terrific!

    Josie, you will never get Fox to block her tatting with pins!

    Well now I have to ask, since you brought it up. How on earth did your grandmother manage to flush money?

  4. Thanks for the great comments!

    Miranda, Easy. Same way that I manage to throw the most extraordinary stuff in the garbage. It is a genetic abnormality, I'm convinced.

    BTW, Gian is still loving the harp cord. So funny to watch how he plays with it.
    Fox ; )

  5. too pretty to spend even a few seconds in a garbage bin ! :P I love the color choice...very springy !

  6. So glad you found the runaway motif. It's way too pretty to discard. Karen in OR

  7. I'm so glad you found your motif! I'm convinced that I've thrown away some very important things in my life. What other explanation can there be?

  8. It turned out just beautiful..! I love the colors that you choose to. Very pretty...

  9. Lovely motif- I thought the same thing- that you'd thrown it away. I'm often puzzled by your self-criticism but this seemed extreme. : )

    About 10 years ago, I threw away about $700 in cash and a whole slew of checks -fundraising at school- fortunately our eagle-eyed and HONEST custodian noticed and returned it. whew.

  10. I'm so glad that you found it before the trash was taken out. Maybe you should make yourself a sign "Tatting here!" that you place on top of your weight to remind you what the weight is actually doing there. (or tie a string around your finger?)

  11. for a moment when i first saw the title to your post on the side of my blog, i thought you were wonky! LOL of course this lovely motif only nearly made it to the trash. PHEW! it's very pretty! great colour combo, fox!

  12. Such lovely and astonishing works!!!! Can you tell me where (on the web) and how can I learn tatting? Many thanks, Clara.

  13. LOL - oh, so sorry!!

    So it sounds like it runs in the family.

    Is there any relation to the guy that accidently left his life savings in the suit that was taken to goodwill?

  14. Hi, Clara! Thanks for your kind comments.

    I started tatting using this wonderful site: InTatters - here:

    Lots of advice, support and tons of free patterns. Check it out!

    Fox : )

  15. Hi Fox,

    Glad you saved it, gorgeous, love the colour.
    Home monday will catch up then.
    love to Gian