Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colours To Dye For...

#15 - 100 Motif Challenge
Not this one.  It is Lizbeth #40, the colour being a bit insipid for my taste. The pattern is designed by Birgit Phelps, called Kira's Star.

It's a lovely thing to tat, and to make it somewhat differently than the other times I have tatted it,  I added beads in places where previously I have not.

THESE are the colours I would try for if I had a pyette palette of dyes for creating HDTs.  
There you go Dr. Von Threadmore...

'Planning ahead' takes on new meaning chez moi...


  1. Your tatting is beautiful. I find this color combo a breath of fresh Springtime. Serene Sunday...

  2. Gian,

    My servant always keeps toys next to her when she tats-- ha! As if she thinks she can distract me! I let nothing deter me from knocking things off of tables and shelves if she thinks to give anything less than her undivided attention. I'm sure you are adept at this as well. Keep the faith!


  3. Very pretty snowflake Fox.
    I also like your suggested colorways.

  4. I really like the bead placement in that one! You handle the Lizbeth well -- I find it too slippery or something, the stitches all bunch up and I'm never happy with what I've tatted. Your stitches look nice and even.

    Ahhh, Gian. Such a coy yet innocent look in that last picture. Look how he has the thread tucked between his toes!

  5. Pretty star! Those colors would be perfect to tat with... are you reading this blog Dr. Von Threadmore? : )

  6. Too cute!

    I like the color and the beads chosen

    (btw, I'm having soo much fun using the beads you sent... I'll have to show you the next hair clips I made up last night)

    The colors you used for the motif would make great colors for baby items.

  7. Lovely syatr and spring colours, I love Gian's pictures today, he has that look that you get from animals "what can I do to make her stop tatting"
    Can you give him a cuddle from me please

  8. More wonderful (and very amusing) pictures of His Highness! And, SPECTACULAR foliage AND, of course, some lovely tatting! I love 'Kira's Star', and one of these days I'm actually going to tat it! I rather like the color of this thread!

    I just read your comment re Victat's 'shoe' post, and nearly fell out of my chair laughing!!! Grommets, indeed! I had missed her post about taking the course, so I admit I was 'confused' by it! I posted my comment without knowing that you had commented first! Still chuckling!!!

  9. I like the star! I just "pinned" it on Pinterest.
    The color suggestions for hand dyed thread are great, too!

  10. Marilee, Thanks for the comments! I certainly should have included all the very talented HDT artists, but I cannot help myself from playing with words and names and the dear Dr.'s always comes to mind first. I have to get you a nom de plume, I'm afraid!
    Fox : )

  11. I rather like the colors you used in Kira's Star. I love Gian's innocent look!

  12. What a wonderful piece that you tatted. I just adore the colors that you picked.