Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away...

After five days of working on the TAT exercise, all that I have managed to accomplish is PILES of thread, that look just like this:

I am SOOOO  frustrated. I decided I'd take a break and do something fun....

I will do anything to keep from finishing this  TAT course.  I am SO close!  Only a very few left and I am drag-g-g-g-ing my feet, or rather, my shuttles.

In order to help me procrastinate to the fullest, I have begun a pattern that will surely take a chunk of time that should (get that  *should*  -  what is THAT about?) be spent elsewhere.

I began this:  You'll have to guess what it is....

Looks okay, right?  It was supposed to be fun, but NOOOOOO!  Not for the obsessed.  Compare with the new one just started:

I was going to relax and just have.. what is that 'f'' word?   Oh yes, FUN.  However, I looked at what I was happily tatting, and all of a sudden I saw the GLARING sloppiness!  

Had to begin again.  You really CAN see a difference.  There were mistakes and all over the place and bad stitching - and I am not ds'ing myself when I say that!  

Not only merely obsessed, I have redefined the word perfectionist.  Where will it end?



  1. Sometimes tatting can become so frustrating especially when things go wrong and you spend hours and hours concentrating on a piece all for nothing. I hate the waste of time, which to me is so precious. But then there are those pieces that turn out so well and its all worth it. You are very brave posting your frustrations, mine just go in the bin!

  2. It will end with something that makes your heart sing every time you look at it and it will have been worth it. Perfectionists just can't help it!

  3. My first thought as to what it might be was BABY BONNET -- ooh, I hope I am correct. That darling pink rose at the back of the head just makes me start cooing in that way ladies do around babies.

    My gran' used to say (about tatting) frustration is the first step on the road to true greatness! In your case I am absolutely certain she is correct.

  4. Lol I just went through the same thing...I was like, when did I get so sloppy and lazy??? So I started something else so I could get back on track before I send your bookmark out.... :-)

  5. I have no idea what it is you're making but it's very pretty.

    I'm suffering from a bad tatting funk at the moment but I think mine is down to having so many things I want to try that I'm not giving what I'm doing enough concentration.

  6. Thanks, M!
    I think you have hit the nail on the head. That thought really resonates, for that is exactly what is going on with me - and it leads to stress and then bad tatting! Kind of a vicious circle. We must learn to R-E-L-A-X ! LOL!
    Fox : )

  7. Hi Fox!
    Sorry about the TAT frustrations. I think you experience this kind of frustration because you are willing to stretch further and learn even more. It's much easier to keep doing safe projects which you know you can be successful at, but that gets boring after a while. I think it is great that you continually challenge yourself. Even having said that, everyone needs a break sometime.

    Your second go at the mystery project is really lovely! I liked the first also, but in comparing the two I can see what you mean. The tatting of the second is so clean and even. I also thought bonnet when I saw it!

    :) Ann

  8. The white and pink floral design id beautiful! As for the red pile of thread - I have its twin sister.......

  9. No idea where the pink and white tatting was heading, but I like the first one of those best - it's very pretty!