Thursday, February 11, 2010

satisfying: providing abundant nourishment

 That is precisely what this pattern has done for me!  Thank you,  Iris!

Motif Challenge #21!
I am so pleased at how this turned out.  Not the colour combo, but the shape and consistency of the stitching.  The TAT course and the incident with my palm seem to have had a positive effect, for I notice the quality of my work has improved since before I began this self-induced pressure to learn .  I have been tatting for sixteen months. Just recently it seems that everything learned is falling neatly into place. No longer do I  feel like a beginner. What a trip!

Usually, in the past, enthralled by some tantalizing idea, I have have rushed headlong into whatever learning opportunity was before me. Then, at the end of that initial learning curve, I would lose the drive. Poof! Full stop. Maybe a bit ADD, I don't know, but this pattern has definitely been part of my life.  

Some things were hard to conquer, others not so much, but  no matter the level of difficulty, I inevitably ran out of interest at the end, and went on to the next mountain! Needless to say, I have done a lot of climbing!

So far this has not happened with tatting.  I am pleased and grateful, as I love having my creativity constantly challenged with so many new new thoughts and ideas.  I love how my fingers itch to have a shuttle to wrap around.  Colour, shape and texture all combine in a satisfying convergence. There is so much beyond the basics to keep my undisciplined mind from straying. This is the thread aficionado's Mount Everest!

There are a number of  flower motifs with a pink centre around the white piece. I thought I would alternate the pink and white with a variegated yarn or another colour to break up the monotony and to have a livelier and more updated look.

That is the reason I tatted the motif in the pic; I wanted to try the pink thread against the variegated one.  Not a great idea - colours are yucky together. Ideas from Tat-land?


  1. Well done Fox, I cannot believe that you have only been tatting for 16 months and are succeeding with TAT Master, your tatting has come on so much.

    When I read you last post I wondered if you had seen my post about that motif

    Thought it might help but as I came here to post my comment I see that you have finished it, no easy feat, WELL DONE!

  2. Tatskool,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    You are a HUGE inspiration to me! I thought my 'Iris' was... not bad, and then I checked your post from 2007, (I didn't see it as I was not tatting then!) where I saw such beautiful examples of what can be done with this pattern!

    Your tatting is impeccable - such a joy to look at. I strive for those tiny, perfect stitches!
    Fox : )

  3. Aw shucks thanks Fox, I found that motif so hard at the time that when I succeeded I really wanted to help others with it.
    My stitches aren't all that tiny as I was only using size 20 at that time.
    I too have learned so much from TAT, they have made me strive perfection even more. But I do find TAT stressful as there is ALWAYS a mistake creeps in then it has to be done again!

  4. Me too, amen! Tatskool is an inspiration. I am still a beginner in spite of the fact that I tat every day. I think some folks are just 'gifted' ~ like some are A students easily and other's work hard for C's. I work very hard and ONCE in a great while produce something worth showing Like you Fox, I'm seldom satisfied and have yet to have reached one motif where I was fully satisfied. But I am so HAPPY for you ~ you are an inspiration!

  5. Fox, your tatting is beautiful!! And, wow, only 16 months. How do you like Tatters Across Time. I'm considering it. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  6. Tatteristic, Thanks so much!!!

    I have written at length on this blog about TAT; look around a bit, and you will find a bunch of thoughts about it. : )

    I think it is a wonderful way to learn and grow as a tatter!

    Fox : )

  7. Your motif is VERY well done Fox! It's a lovely shape and your rings are so round!

    It's wonderful that you are mastering tatting and still enjoying it. It's amazing what you can do with a piece of string and it doesn't stop with learning the "how-tos" because there are still the "what-ifs" with designing your own patterns.

    I like the color threads you have chosen for your white and pink (?). Did I miss something or is this your very own TIAS? Anyway, I hope they tat up nicely and complement the overall piece.
    :) Ann

  8. Pink with a variegated thread CAN work, but not with that particular variegate. Pink and white together are as delicate as a baby's cheek. Jumble it together with dark red and blue and green in a short repeat and you have a dog's breakfast. Try it with pastel shades and you'll get a more harmonious effect, or even with a white/pink/red or a variegated dark burgundy as long as it's compatible with the pink. I think it's a combination of the short repeat of the colour and the intensity of the colours in comparison to the pale pink that is so jarring on the eyesight.

  9. love it love it love it! Fox it looks great! I wish I had been that far along and game enough to try something like this one with only 16 months under my belt! Colors don't look that bad and the work is lovely. Well done. It is great to watch your progress.

  10. That Iris motif was a challenging one for me - I felt great accomplishment after finishing it! I like being able to see my stitches, and being able to actually see and understand where I messed up makes me feel like I am progressing.

    I am still avoiding starting the Artisan Phase of TAT and just trying to practice some more by working on various motifs before I dive in head first. I agree with you - the TAT program is a great way to learn and grow with your tatting. You are an awesome tatter after 16 months, and provide great inspiration to me!

  11. this is a very beautiful work, Fox !
    I'll come back to see your bonnet ;-)
    ancoie from france

  12. Sharon - you are right! It is those bursts of white with the strong colours that do the most damage. Thanks for the input; I could not have said it better!
    Fox : )

  13. Thanks, everyone! I sure love the feedback.
    ♥ Fox : )

  14. I was sorry to read about your little mishap with the crochet hook and was glad to know that you came out of it. The Iris Neibach motif is so pretty, the color is Marble (Lizbeth) I suppose. The second motif in pink and white looks good, it is one of my favourite combinations, so very feminine and soft.