Saturday, February 13, 2010

Redefine The Possible

Yesterday, I noticed that The Lamp was looking pretty posh - a bit more sophisticated than when it made its first appearance!  It looks like I have done some tatting.

Then,  I started to think about all those of you out in Tat-land with small kids, husbands, homes and gardens to look after, dinners to cook, jobs to go to, deadlines to meet; the list goes on and on.

I remember when my kids were young, and I was so busy that I would literally fall into bed at night, reading   a page or two of a book I had been looking forward to before falling fast asleep,  if  I were very  lucky.

I would neither have had the energy, nor I suppose, in those days, the inclination to sit still and tat. I don't know how some of you do it, and do it so darned well!  You are amazing.

 Then another realization: I realized what I had used for one of the TAT exercises.  I have a lovely set of Georgia's gauges, but there is only one size of each in the set and I wanted two the same, so I made a pair - in the middle of the night, as usual.  Yes, I  tat at odd hours!

Not having gauges when I needed them, I was forced to be creative.  For a minimalist, it is hard to find odds and ends around as I don't collect :stuff".  However, I did remember that I had an extra alumni card that I would probably not need so out it came and - snip!  Voila!

I love the message.
(I found it much later  -  a  bit of serendipity!)
 I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!



  1. Love the lampshades they look really Posh. and what a great idea for the gauge!!!!

  2. And so, I magnified the card and did 'realize the possibilities" so I could read the saying. LOL
    Your "thinking back" set me to "thinking back" and when I had a 5yr, 2 yr old and 3 month old, I don't think I did much besides wash diapers, clean and cook. By the time the 'baby' was kindergarden age, I had a dog grooming shop and taught swim lessons, privately. I was always using what knowledge I had to earn a bit extra; to enable the girls to be in gymnastics, swim teams and such. I would have had the inclination to tat, but no patience for the interruptions! I too laud those Mommy tatters and wonder at their tenacity. I agree with you Fox.
    x B

  3. Hi Fox, Your lampshade is looking grand and colourful! Happy tatting to you.

  4. Your lamsphade is looking so beautiful....I love it. I too tat at night if I can't is good sleep therapy

  5. Hi Fox!
    That's a GORGEOUS display of tatting! You have made so many wonderful things! Just curious - is that also the lamp you tat by? It's a great source of inspiration. Your gauge is really neat! I love what it says - very appropriate.
    :) Ann

  6. Your lampshade is beautiful. I think It would be a nice idea for our guest room, and maybe for "my side" of the room too! I admit I have two sets of Georgia's gauges. They are wonderful but yours is a good idea too. Love the saying on it =)

  7. LOVE the lampshade. If that had been me I'd have used just one colour and look what I'd have missed. I just ADORE it and am now a wonderful shade of green with jealousy. Brilliant idea.

  8. Beautiful Lampshade!! All the motifs are wonderful and I love the vibrant colors of each motif!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. The Lamp:

    This is just an old, and I do mean old, lamp that my friend's father, a superintendent of police, used to read by. Who knows just what that old lamp has spied!

    When he died, I inherited the lamp, painted it white and bought a new shade. Now I put tatted pieces on it, just placed, not secured. I change them all the time.

    And yes, Ann, I do tat by its light - all the time!
    Fox : )

  10. Your lamp is STUPENDOUS. Must do that too!
    I too applaud all the young mothers etc who find time to tat.