Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Done!

 Why is it that when it is right - even if it is not perfect or the way you would like it to be, not mastered nor honed, nor in any way remarkable, you KNOW that the thing is done, that it is the best you can do, for now?  What is that place called? What is it that satisfies and informs you that it will not get any better soon, and that you should be pleased with the progress of the moment? That is the place, whatever its name, to which I have finally arrived.  I have finished the 9th TAT exercise.

You will have to take my word for it, but I think it is okay.  Whew.  All that high drama.  I needed to stab myself into completion of what is actually not a very difficult piece.  It is surprisingly simple, I think, but not for dyslexic moi.

It was such a relief to have it done and my hand is a lot better. though still feeling a bit bruised.  It lookes just fine, however. Thank you all for your commiserations and best wishes!

After the difficulties, this piece, which is one of Iris Niebach's freebies from her website that I saw on Liyarra's blog, was surprisingly simple! Usually I have a great deal of difficulty with her patterns.  So far so good!  I wanted to check out the variegated thread with the pink for the mystery Bonnie....  I do not think they work at all, but I  like this pattern very much!

Lastly, WHAT FUN!  Got home from work today to find all these goodies in my mailbox!  Needless to say,  I had to test out that shuttle ASAP - I love it!  It seems a bit bulky compared to the Clovers, but the heft of it  feels amazingly wonderful!

That little purple bit - yum colour - is the beginning of a Mary Konior cross for a friend that is about to have major surgery.  I think it will be nice with a few of the teal beads, strategically placed; not too many of them.

The HDT's are 'oops' à la the good Doctor, and  Yarnplayer's new Stardate.

Oh, lucky me!


  1. Congrats on finishing that TAT exercise! Is it the final one to accomplish the Master Phase? You go, girl!

    Love today's mail. Lucky you :)

  2. I knew you could, I knew you could. :>) Kudos
    Is that the shuttle ordered from UK? the one we discussed? I'm glad you like it as I'd decided to tell you that if you didn't, I'd buy it from you and pay the postage. LOL I love mine and this model is less bulky than the other. Glad you aren't in too much pain and no infections! Bev XX

  3. Hey Fox!
    SOOOO happy that today has been a nice one for you! That your hand is doing well, that you finished your TAT exercise (has it "left the building" yet?), and that your mail brought such wonderful goodies. I forgot to check my mail, but I'm pretty sure it'll just be junk! :)

    That shuttle looks WAY cool! I love the color and the way it kind of glows in the picture. I believe I have that purple thread. It is very pretty and teal will really pop with it! Here's to the makings of a great tat - great pattern, great thread, great shuttle!

    :) Ann

  4. Lovely work. What is the red shuttle? Looks like a Silent Tatter but it's a lovely colour.

  5. Yea! I'm glad you were able to figure it out! Ooh, such lovely colors! They are absolutely mouth-watering! Love the shuttle!

  6. Looks like some interest in that - yes, Jane and Bev, you are correct - the Silent Shuttle, from Roseground.

    It is wonderful to work with. It came in the mail yesterday and I was a bit nervous about it, as I am... well... a bit picky about shuttles!
    I was using it within two minutes of opening the package and though it feels a bit heavier than Clovers, it is a marvellous tatting tool!
    I am going to enjoy it!

    No, Cindy! I have three more to go! Nearly there! This is a good course. I am learning so much, so I don't really mind the length of it!

    Fox : )

  7. What a fine red shuttle!
    Your tatting work is very beautiful, Iris Niebach's patterns are wonderful, what do you think about it?

  8. What a wonderful rebound! You've had a good day now!