Saturday, April 23, 2016

Frankenshuttle and Dracuthread

It is a tale of horror, that only a dedicated tatter can fully, truly appreciate. It is a story of stitching certain to smite a lover of lace with great despair. Beware! Read no further if you be sensitive to tatting loss and dismay. Turn away if picot pain and stitching sorrow wring the heart, causing unbidden tears to flow when words of shuttle woe oppress the spirit. Hear my tale of doily distress, Dear Reader, only if your heart be strong and true, for my story will surely wrest all calmness from your thoughts, only to replace them with foul images of lace in the making gone terribly awry...



I was at my daughter's home in NYC. I was tatting. I put the bag with the border, (with that Australian thread that took so very long to arrive - remember?) the trusty Tat-Pic and the LaCossette shuttles down for a minute and...poof! The project and tools vanished without a trace!

We are all mystified; there was really nowhere for the plastic bag with all my stuff to easily disappear to. We turned the apartment upside down as the family searched for the missing project. Nothing.

I am convinced that whole pattern, thread and process was jinxed from the beginning. So, into the cupboard goes the centre part, which luckily remained at home. I shall give it away as it is. I'm done with finishing it. Sad, because there were only 4 more repeats. : ( 

On to the Renulek. : )


  1. Send for Sherlock Holmes - he'll sort it out for you!!!

  2. Ah! The shuttle with the bird, the roses and those hearts! I feel faint!

  3. I am certain it will turn up when your daughter is not looking ! These airy laces have a way of playing hide and seek. Fortunately it got lost in the house ...

  4. Awwwww! Not fair! That would be incredibly frustrating! I am sorry to hear of this loss! :(

  5. I did some research and it was a tatting pixie, that did it, and sorry you had such a loss and the little creature is out there laughing at you, thinking the whole thing is funny. Who knows maybe this little creature was in the bag the whole time and discuses the whole thing with Mr G so you would not blame him. :)

  6. This makes me feel stomach hurts..... It will turn up, I'm sure, but when? At least you know it is *somewhere* in the house. Why not hang onto the center part for a while longer? With only 4 more heart repeats, you are really almost finished with it....looks like the last round attaching the hearts to the center will be a quick and easy one.

    What a horrible thing to happen to your tatting AND the shuttles!

    Regards to Mr. G.

  7. This is a gripping tale of despair, enough to discourage one from ever leaving home with treasured tatting. I sincerely hope everything magically reappears.

  8. Oh, the horror! *head thrown back, back of hand to forehead* The tragedy! Woe is thee! What sadness for such a loss! *head falls forward, tears begin to fall* Oh, beauty lost, torn from your bosom, gone! Such sorrow!
    (I hope your is able to find your bag. It really would be a tragedy to loose your beautiful shuttles and the lace you put such time and effort into.) *Sob!*

  9. If you don't have a successful career as a writer of dramatic literature, you've missed your calling. My heart is still racing--first from the buildup and then the actual report! I hope you won't give it away too soon. Things like this have a way of mysteriously reappearing when you stop looking for them. Perhaps that tatting pixie Madtatter80 mentioned gets bored when we give up. Meanwhile, on with the Renulek. No more reason to delay starting more projects, too, as your project calendar has opened up a bit for a while. :)

  10. It didn't get thrown out with the newspapers did it? - The Male Occupant of this house is frequently in trouble for sweeping papers off the table without checking to see what is underneath....... As long as it hasn't actually been put out with rubbish, and as long as the bin men haven't yet been, the precious shuttles will resurface.

  11. Oh no!!! I am so sorry this had to happen!! I hope that everything is found safe and sound, but more so that it never happens again!!!
    I know your new doily will be so very beautiful!!! :)

  12. Thank you for understanding! I feel better with some sympathy from those who KNOW exactly how I feel. Four months of work and those lovely tools... The apartment was small... there is a lot of garbage with three kids... : (

  13. Oh my, I hate horror stories! Hopefully Disney will get hold and get the happy birthday N ding going!

  14. It all depends. Was it the Tatting Pixie, or was it Borrowers? Borrowers, despite their name, tend not to give things back. The Tatting Pixie, on the other hand, will often put them right back where you left them when your back is turned. I agree that you should wait a little longer to see if it all turns up again.

    My serious thought is that it probably slipped down the side or back of the chair or sofa. I assume you already looked there thrice, but it happens to me all the time, and I find it the fourth time I look. That's pixies again.

    Even if you feel well and truly done with the doily, I do hope you find all those pretty shuttles.

  15. Oh my goodness me! All that waiting for thread, all that work.... Only to be foiled by a tatting pixie.

  16. Oh no those beautiful shuttles and all that work, not to mention the long awaited thread,
    I hope it turns up, For me it is usual for things to be found under the settee, but I free so upset I was so looking forward to looking at your mat, mine is so nearly finished.
    I only hope it turns up.
    Love to Mr G

  17. I can't tell you how many times I have found things that went missing and found them in the strangest places. If those hearts show up they may make a striking head/hat band.

  18. Miranda may be on the right track here... Borrowers do tend to 'hide' things that they think may be useful. Bobbins are stools and hooks are used as hat stands etc... the tatting is probably gracing their beds as we speak!

    Send in the cat and the borrowers will leave... hopefully returning said 'missing' items as they go! Fingers Crossed for you!

  19. Don't forget to check down the sides of the sofas and chairs and under the mattress. I've had shuttles disappear into the sofa where I tat while watching TV. Hubby often has to turn it upside down looking for them. I found one project caught between box spring and mattress with the shuttles still hanging off it. Occasionally I stuff a project with the shuttles attached into a coat pocket and don't find it again until the change of season when I wear the coat again. It'll show up again, probably when you're just about to start another nice juicy project and you won't want to whip up the enthusiasm to start in on this one, again. It does seem jinxed. It would be heartbreaking to lose favourite shuttles, but you know they're in the building somewhere so they will turn up eventually.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. The couches have been checked! I'm sure it was all tossed out. My daughter has no interest in tatting -- except for the finished project and has a habit of getting rid if all "litter," as the apartment is small and there are 3 youngsters.