Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bring It On!

I am not used to working with such a thick thread and these two combined fibres are a bit bulky for my taste. I suppose this is a way of saying that I really do prefer the #80 threads after all, though I do complain about them on occasion!

However, though it is a wee bit rough in texture, and a bit thick, this piece is sturdy and has presence! And, it is now six inches across. This seems to indicate that it will be very large when Renata is through with it.


  1. Looking lovely and it will be gorgeous when it's finish, I just hope you gave enough thread to finish it.
    Love to Mr G

  2. Well 50 is smaller that 40 and it is very beautiful and I am sure for you this seems ginormous but still looks delicate to me :)

  3. It looks wonderful. I like the effect of the two threads wound together.

  4. It's funny how working with a thicker thread than usual always feels like rope! I like the definition, and the splendid blue, good job.