Thursday, January 28, 2016

Waiting With MrG

As I wait for my thread I am continuing the hankie border. I really love the unusual colours I have picked!

No photo of progress, but one of MrG, who just has stolen my spot and is seriously studying his new interest!

Also, my dear friend Suneeti sent me this:

I think I already posted about it, but to reiterate, I must tell you how wonderful a product this is for split fingertips or cuticles. Marvellous stuff. Suneeti rocks! : ))


  1. He is SO beautiful!

  2. Mr. G Picasso seems to be quite the artist! Just look at that little drawing he did!

    At least if you have to be in waiting mode, you have quite the companion for it! It is so nice of you to keep his seat warm for him while he is attending to other important items on his agenda. ;)

  3. Oh Mr G are you keeping her spot warm? Or has she warmed it up for you?
    Love your rat work, oh you clever boy.
    Sending you both love, stay warm hopefully snail mail will arrive soon.

  4. I bought some adult coloring books too, and the cream looks worth trying wonder where to find?
    Mr G allows you to have this blog, doesn't he?

    1. Haha! That is MY artwork! It is Zentangle... Not a colouring book. : )

  5. To M. G from Theo and Lucy:

    mrrOUW! ouuw. Mrrrr.

    He'll know what they mean.

  6. Would the ointment work on a spliting finget nail. As it grows it always splits.