Friday, January 15, 2016

Next Row

Slowly, I am getting this tatted. I saw one errant picot in this last row, but my new outlook is - nobody is going to notice it! I used to cut them off. : )) Progress.


  1. Ah, that's progress indeed. I guarantee that no one is going to spot one errant picot!! Looking good.

  2. Looking lovely so far! I know the center of the doily has 'hearts' in it, but they are quite 'hidden' to the eye and they are tricky to tat, but it is a clever design. It seems that once you get past the center, it's smoother sailing!

    If I read the pattern correctly, the next round is the spectacular hearts edge round, tatted independently, and the final round will join the hearts to the doily. I really like that idea, as one can tat the hearts round 'at leisure' and set it aside until getting to this point.

    I'm glad you're not worrying about the picot, wherever it is! No one ever will ever see it.

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Yes, you have read the pattern correctly. The hard part for me was that first row, which took about 8 false starts, if not more. Drove me round the bend. There are three more rows after this one. The penultimate one has the hearts and the last joins them to each other and to the main piece. ; )

  3. Looks great :). I'm guessing this is not the last row? If not, then the extra picot will definitely go unnoticed by all of us :).

  4. It is a pretty doily and I'm sure it would take anyone else a lot of looking to find that stray picot. I was told the other day when I mentioned I'd made a mistake that no-one will ever see it from a galloping horse...

  5. Hey! I see it over there! . . . just kidding! . . . I wouldn't know a picot from a pixel . . . This is really looking purty pretty!

  6. My philosophy is - the larger the piece the more room for mistakes. Unless they are super obvious, mistakes drive me crazy while making the piece but once it's done, I don't even notice them. One errant picot will be lost in a sea of beautiful lace!