Friday, September 25, 2015

Loving Armenian Lace

First, progress is good on the Jan Stawasz. 

My plan for the next row did not materialise, as it did not look as good as I had anticipated;  I had to cut it off. So, on to another attempt.

The Armenian lace project is going well; I’m slowly getting the hang of it!

I can’t really complain, for I am expecting muscle memory to snap to it way too soon. But because I am so excited about this new skill, I am very impatient - so what else is new?

Learning new techniques!

Can I not entice anyone to come and play with me?
Does this not look like fun to anyone?
Boo Hoo!


  1. Trying to catch up on the blogs, so I have missed what you are doing, looks interesting by what I can see from the last few post.
    Your mat is looking beautiful and very delicate
    Love to Mr G

  2. I have tried and tried, Fox. I can only make fodder for the trash can! Then TotusMel picked it up in 5 minutes and I I just went back to tatting! (Sniff!) You are making wonderful progress!
    Your doily is breathtaking! I am so in love with those colors and its form.

  3. No, no, no, I'm resisting! Not enough hours in a day as it is! :-)
    Your Jan Stawasz is looking great. Curious to see what the next round will bring.

  4. Your doily is very beautiful what book is that in again? And the Armenian lace looked so tempting I tried it with a twist and super messed up it looks so bad I don't want to show it to the world. I too get excited and rush, but it's bad :) I may post it on Tuesday of next week maybe :)

    1. It’s in Tatted Treasures - the second book; the red one. : )

  5. Your mat has such an elegant look to it!!! :)
    As for the new lace...looks like you are doing wonderfully!!! :) As for me, I have enough tatting to do to probably keep me busy till I can no longer tat, so I will pass at anything new for now. :)

  6. I love the look of the Stawasz and can't wait to see what you do for the next round. Color gradations are always so pretty!

    I don't know anything about Armenian lace, but I can see that yours is improving. It already looks more even than when you first started, so you must be getting the hang of it. I have to admit, I drooled a little bit when you posted the cover of the book the other day. However, I absolutely don't have time for another art form right now. Too bad I can't just quit my job...

  7. I'd love to join you, but I can't hold a needle without my hand going numb and it is hard to work when you can't feel what you are doing. :) I'm thankful I have no problems with a shuttle.

  8. Your doily is gorgeous! LOL I am so tempted to join you but must keep learning Bobbin Lace :).

  9. Your JS doily is looking great!

    I'm tempted! I pulled out my Armenian Lace book after school today and started reading it again. It won't happen this weekend as there is too much going on, but I am tempted!

  10. Love it that tatters are even considering it! To tell you the truth, I would rather tat, as some of the AL could be better accomplished with a shuttle (daisy stitch loops) but I am determined to learn it anyway... : ))

  11. Your JS mat looks awesome! Can't wait to see the next round. Hmm, I sense a challenge. You're tempting me...


  12. I believe this is the first time I've heard of Armenian lace. I can not wait to see what you'll do with it. I really do not have time to learn a new technique at the moment, but it interests me very much.

  13. It looks like very fun, but I have too many things on the go! I'll just watch you.

  14. Your AL is coming along so nicely - love the dainty mignonette!
    Waiting to see the next rounds of the JS doily -- the coffee frothed o'er :-)