Friday, July 11, 2014

Delicious D...

The “D” word: doily. I hate it. 
But I do not know what else to call a tatted piece like this.
It is 61/2 inches - too large to be a motif.

Thread Anchor Mercer #40 
and Karey Solomon’s HDT #40

Pattern designed by Karey Solomon 
“Doily Delights”

(There it is again; the “d” word...)


I changed the hanging motif in my car. 
I do this a few times a year.
Makes me a happier driver.

I really like this one : )


  1. Some of the 'vintage' books call them 'mats' instead of 'doilies.' ;-) Looks really pretty, whatever you call it. I like the new motif in your car. Lovely color, nice shape.

    Regards to Mr. G.

  2. I love the white with the color in your ahem, doily!

  3. Delicious doilies! aren't they good light catchers?

  4. Doilies don't make good sun catchers but this one is lovely, one of your best.
    Not thought of hanging a tatted item in my car, not sure if hubby would approve, Here it's illegal to hang things from the mirror in the front, although you see a lot of cars with bits hanging, they have to removed to go though your MOT requirements once a year which when the car is three years or over old.
    Love to Gian

    1. Thanks, Margaret. It is only about three inches though it looks huge in the picture! Really, I wouldn't hang it if it were too ostentatious! Honest!
      : ))

    2. Hmmm... It us actually just about TWO inches!

  5. I like your ' car hanger'. Don't make me say the D-word! ;-o

  6. Your d… is looking great, very even shape and neat-looking elements.