Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Closing In On The Monster Mat!

My DMC #12 Perle has arrived! 
Yessss! I can begin the Jan Stawasz tat-a-long. : ))
(Look at InTatters for info, here.)

While waiting for the thread, I wanted to tat this Pomegranate design by Anne Orr, since I had seen it tatted on a hankie on Frivole’s blog, here.  I was smitten and have returned to look at the edging many times.

I am edging the hankie of the two I purchased in New York. Waiting for the perfectly-coloured thread to present itself was a lengthy process, as I didn’t like anything I have in my now paltry, boringly small stash. 

Then I realized I had one of Karey Solomon’s HDTs (#40) that blends yellow, light rose, blue and green; the same shades as the threads embroidered on the hankie.

Though it seems such an unlikely choice, when I tested it I liked it immediately! It does not reveal all its glory on the screen, but it really is surprisingly pleasing.

I hope I have enough thread. That’s the thing with HDTs; I usually buy only one skein, which is really not a smart move. Inevitably, I end up fretting about running out and that means, of course, that it is essential to tat as fast and furiously as is humanly possible!   

Oh, yes. The pattern is Mary Konior’s Gossip, tatted in two rows. ( I may have to use another thread for that row...) This is a pattern I have not used before. Probably I have avoided it because it is done in two rows.

designed by
Adelheid Dangela, Occhi Patchwork
Approximate diameter: two inches, #60 thread

For some reason, I have always enjoyed tatting motifs with this type of shape. However, I did NOT enjoy the colour of the thread which I now have used up; I am glad it is gone!

The colour distressed me and I rushed along at the end to be done with it, joining the last element to the wrong place. After hiding the ends, I saw my error. Correcting it dealt the death blow for this motif... it is now ear-marked for The Boss’s “artwork-stash.”
I forgot to ask tatters about this:

While tatting the first row of Brenen, I had a terrible time as I always do with the centre rings. The instructions say to tat  a ring of 12-12. 

Whenever I do this, I can never figure out how to untwist what always happens next. The rings get all twisted and turned and I end up with bad words erupting unbidden from my mouth at a truly horrifying volume. RUN, Mr G!

So, I replace the drections with a ring of 2-10-10-2, instead, creating some stability by joining picots between the rings.. How do you tat this without the picots and not have it get all out of shape? I just don’t get it.


  1. Try Frivole's marvellous tip of adding a second-half stitch at the end of each ring - I am doing that with the size 80 I'm currently working with, and it does make a difference, in terms of keeping the rings from twisting at the end. Maybe even try adding a second-half at the beginning of each ring - seems to give the work more stability somehow.

    1. Oh! Thanks, Maureen, I will try this.

      I do often add a half-titch to the beginning of a chain to snug it up, but I don’t add to rings. WIll definitely give this a shot. : )

  2. I've resorted to the 2 - 10 - 10 - 2 method more than once. :-D I seem to have a problem with 'unattached' rings/chains - I want to anchor everything down somehow. On the relatively rare occasions when I *do* leave them unattached, I make sure to untwist carefully - I tend to pull gently on the rings on either side of the ring in 'question' to see which way it 'wants' to go. Once everything is untwisted, I try to hold ALL of them in the pinch to make any final joins/climb-outs. I haven't tried it, but I think possibly a small piece of Scotch tape (do they call it that in Canada?) would hold them all in the 'untwisted' position until they're all joined, then remove the tape once the whole next round is done and the rings are all joined in position. Mr. G will be happier, too. ;-)

    1. FoxWednesday, July 16, 2014 at 8:48:00

      We use lots of it up here in Canada; helps keep igloos from falling apart.: ))

      Actually it is a major art supply for The Boss and Her Brother. They build large 3-D constructions and need it for edges and joins. Scotch Tape is expensive for their requirements, so they are given the cheaper dollar store stuff. Not as good, but good for the kids. They use so much of it.

      I cannot untwist those little rings in the tiny threads. Mission impossible! I'll try Maureen's advice and add a half ds at the end and maybe beginning too, of the ring. Maybe that will help.
      Fox .: )


  3. I think your solution of extra picots is a good one. They don't show, but they must make it more stable. The hankie is going to look fabulous!

  4. Adding stabilizing joins is a good idea. I try to stick to patterns with stabilizing joins, to save me the headache of dealing with floppy rings. I think my brief foray into designing has helped me to see that patterns are merely a suggestion of how to tat a piece. We may each find methods that work better for us than the directions given.

  5. First I love the color thread it's like antique colors and edging at the top and many times I gaze at that pattern, I am glad you actually followed through with it! And I have too often wondered if they aren't putting in a pecot and not telling us so theirs looks better like giving a recipe and not all the instructions or ingredients. I guess that sounds not nice but sometimes I think I can see that join in the pictures:) I must stop now too crazy huh!

    1. Thanks! I can't use the pattern as it eats thread! That's why I switched. The directions seem to be okay, though I know Frivole made a few changes in hers. Maybe I'll try it again when I know I will have enough thread. You could try it as well! : ))

  6. I love the colors in that thread you are using for the hanky edging! Perfect for that hanky, too! Hee hee hee! I'll bet Mr. G knows how to fend for himself! :D Kitties can run really fast when they need to!

  7. Love that hanky edging--looks fantastic with the colours on the hanky. I sort of like that thread colourway you hated....especially nice for a Christmassy themed tat, I think. To each his own, eh?