Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tat Rebellion

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I had a such a lousy time on such a fine, sunny June day.  Just one of those uncomfortable and  unco-ordinated kind of moods, where nothing felt right. Including tatting. Since nothing worked, I put everything on hold.

Tomorrow, I am thinking of dropping in to the “Finca" store to see about the edging... You know I do not like the thread, but there may be colours that work with the hankie...

I attempted a pattern by Kirstine and Inge Lise Nikolajsen that appears in Tatted Handkerchiefs.

It called out to me for the new thread (which turned out to be about #100!) and is a pleasing pattern that I recalled seeing somewhere. Then I remembered.

Snowy tatted the entire border in her skinny, teeny thread here! She often uses fine - impossibly fine - silk. Her tatting is truly amazing.

I really don’t know how she did it, as I cannot go on with this thread. It is way too difficult to close rings and impossible to un-tat, so I could never, ever make a mistake! Too fine for me, but the colour was really ideal. Oh well.

So on to a #40 Lizbeth.

I have some ivory so I gave it a go. Everything else I have was the wrong shade. This is what happened:

I am not at all sold on the Frauberger Crown pattern, for I think it might be a bit much for this busy hankie. Currently, I am looking at all my books, trying to see what might do.

Any suggestions from you experts out there in Tat-Land?

Oh yes, I did finish this:

Yarnplayer HDT     
Pattern by Susanne Schwencke

This is one of the motifs making the journey to Peru in a few days. I figure it is kind of masculine and my son might like it. : ))


  1. The edging is pretty - but 100? Not for me either, sister!
    Love the motif, and good colors too. It will have plenty of stories about life in Peru :)

    1. I am hoping he will be able to give the motifs anway to someone in the community. I am sending a shuttle too...

      Maybe he can bring back some Peruvian thread for his Mama... : ))

  2. Here you go :

    Jon's Row of Crown's is similar, but has much cleaner lines, and is a fun pattern to tat. It's the design I chose two daughters-in-law ago.....

    It looked great.

    1. I second that Maureen!!! Jon's pattern would look really good. Must get around to tatting an edging haven't done one yet!

  3. and speaking of thread-buying sons......mine, next week, is moving to Ottawa. Is your Finca-in-50g-balls perhaps available at a shop which may have a branch there? He would love to buy me some, I'm sure he would - as soon as I let him know about it. And if I offer him another of his favourite hand-knitted jumpers for his birthday. Better still - if he ever wants any MORE hand-knitted jumpers. He is six and a half feet tall, knitting for him is truly a labour of love.
    I love Finca, but have never seen big balls of it here.

  4. Hi Fox
    I like the pattern to the edging but no way 100 thread, my eyes would never cope with it, I have played with the crown pattern and just used one crown as an earring, it will be blogged one day I am a bit behind at the moment. I think it would work well on a plain hanky.
    Lovely motif for your son to take, I agree very masculine.
    Glad your weather has improved, ours is ify at the moment.
    Love to Gian

  5. I'm sorry about your sunny, June day. I'm sending some rotten storms for you, that's why I'm up at 4:00am.

    I agree about the edging. I like it to look at alone but when attached, less so. The motif is gorgeous. Size 100 is fun too although it takes forever to get anywhere and I have yet to figure out how to "sew in ends" without breaking the original.

  6. Size 100 silk sound like a real challenge to me! Quilting thread seems so much more manageable, although mistakes are still almost impossible to fix.

    The Frauberger Crown pattern is beautiful, but I'm not sure I'd have the fortitude to tat a hanky edging. I'm sure you could accomplish it, though!

    I hope your son is able to find something very interesting for you, and I hope your tatting inspires someone in Peru to join the fun!

  7. Love the motif...great colors. Peru sounds like a great getaway.....maybe one day. Tatting not happening here either at the moment....must be a solstice thing!!

  8. Your edgings both look wonderful!!! :)
    And the motif is totally awesome!!!! :)

  9. Hello, Fox! I just found your blog by way of various tatting searches online. I'm just outside Toronto, so it's lovely to learn of a local tatting expert. I'm very much a beginner (as in, only a few days old) but already I feel quite addicted. For me it's a needle rather than a shuttle, but either way, I'm extremely inspired by the beautiful work I see people sharing online and I'm determined to get good at it. :-)

    Do you have any favourite shopping sources for the beautiful threads you use? I'd love to be able to shop Canadian for supplies.

    Well once again, nice to *meet* you, and happy tatting through our imminent heat wave!

    1. Hi Carol,
      Unfortunately, there is nothing to buy locally. Look through tat-ology or go to InTatters or even Google for loads of info about where to shop online. Be wary of mailing costs and talk with suppliers. It is so easy yo get tatting stuff but 99% of it will be purchased online.

      Happy Tatting! Welcome to Tat-Land!
      Fox : )

  10. The motif you made is very striking. I am also impressed at all the handy edgings you make. I've only made one, which was quite enough for me!

  11. I like your Schwanke motif. and very nice in that thread.
    Yes, a thead color, and pattern can be hard to find to look just right. I know you will find it.

  12. I just know what ever you end up doing will look incredible. I do like the sewing thread, it is the perfect color and the pattern is lovely with it. Shame you can't find something similar in the same shade.