Sunday, June 16, 2013

For Liyarra

Tat On, with Confidence and Hope, 
Through All Crises*

Once upon a time, far, far away in a little corner of Tat-Land, amid the Maple trees, a saddened tatter sat woefully gazing at a small, pretty motif.

"I suppose it will be nice sewn onto a young girl’s shirt," she thought, "even if I feel such a failure for giving up and not battling through the pattern."

She told all her tatting friends that she was wiser now and knew exactly when to stop, knowing her temper and repertoire of language filth was legend in the Land. 

Frustration for Fox meant things suddenly shattered as they collided with a wall to the accompaniment of nasty, blue trucker-talk.

Her friends applauded her newly-found common sense, and all agreed it was for the best. 

Liyarra told her it was not all right to give up; give in, yes, but not give up.

Fox listened. She persevered.

Grateful thanks were sent to Liyarra, who had sent such an important dictum over great distances.

Fox was happy with her tatting conquest and her shuttles smiled upon the pleasing result.

The End

*Borrowed from Elizabeth Zimmerman, the Grandmother of Western Knitting

Pattern by Lissy Madsen, published in the Danish Tatting Association Magazine, "Orkis Bladet”
Thread: Lizbeth #40


  1. that is beautiful. congratulations on the perservence. that is a really pretty piece

  2. It's very pretty! Story made me chuckle.
    From Michelle who finally learned at age 40 that one does not have to finish a book if it's bad, even books deemed great literature by others.

    1. You are fortunate Michelle! It took me longer to learn that... I was brought up to believe you HAD to finish it if you started it! How delusional is that? !!
      Fox : ))

  3. Absolutely Beautiful, well worth the frustration. Congrats!

  4. My heartiest congratulations!! Beautiful.

  5. Ha-ha, the story is sweet :)))
    The motif is fabulous!
    Well done, Fox!

  6. Hi Fox

    See I knew you could do it, you gave up too easy, It's a beautiful motif in that colour and you should be proud of it, frustrations come and go but if we succeed in the end it's all been worth it. So when are you going to do another one, now you have mastered one its time to try again.
    I love your little story very well written, so all I have left to say congratulations on finishing the motif.
    Love to Gian,
    Hope your weather is improving, you sent over the pond wind and rain hope this week will be better.

  7. Somehow I knew that you would preserver! Kudos to Liyarra for encouraging you to tat on!

  8. Congratulations!!! That is gorgeous!!!! :)

  9. Patience is a virtue. It certainly was worth the wait. Your story is one I think we all can relate to. Congratulations on finishing such a lovely motif.

  10. Inspiring story! You did great! Congratulations! Love that Lizbeth color!

  11. Beautiful! congratulations for persevering

  12. I am glad you persevered too! Lovely work, as always!

    Do you happen to remember how much thread you used...? I "found" some lovely HDT in my mailbox today, and I am looking for pattern inspiration...

    1. Thank you!

      I had to fill my shuttles again but remember, I made mistakes and had to cut... You can probably do it with a skein of HDT, but I used Lizbeth #40, so this is just a hunch!
      Fox : )

  13. That's a beautiful motif! I admire your perseverance. And I'm especially glad to know that I'm not the only tatter with nasty, trucker-blue language filth. ;)

  14. Well....what can I say other than BRILLIANT WORK FOX!!!!!

    Knew you could do it and your story made me smile on a day I didn't think a smile was possible. Thank you!.

    Muahahahahaha now whether to send you this other one or not.......xoxoxox