Saturday, April 2, 2016

Surprisingly Fine

I had not expected that the substitute thread I used when I ran out of the planned variegated to be a successful colour blend. But it turns out that the #80 Lizbeth I added to the #70 HDT was pretty good.

As it is on the backside of the hankie, the pink and green thread is not that obvious. Not that I would give this to anyone as a gift, but for me, it is perfect! I will enjoy the hankie, usually used to clean  sunglasses and regular specs.  I love cotton, not tissue or paper towelling, for glasses.

Now on to this piece that I barely remember! I will start the heart row and then there is just one more after all the motifs that joins the border to the main work.


  1. Such a busy little bee, you are! They are both so very pretty!

  2. Oh well done you! So glad you found a better solution than a triangular hanky!!

  3. Thanks for the idea! There's what to do with hankies! It is a good fit. Your doily is gorgeous!

  4. Lovely hanky, I also use a hanky for my glasses, paper tissues etc are made from wood and will scratch the glass lens, so a cotton hanky is the best from cleaning glasses
    Which one of us will finish this mat first, I think it will be you bit I will give a good try.

  5. I love hankies for the same reason. Yours looks beautiful! I can hardly wait to see what happens next with the doily!

  6. Great hanky edging!!! :)
    Love your doily!!! :)