Saturday, May 9, 2015


I am still avoiding getting back to the Fikkert Doily, as it is so tedious. So, here is the somewhat limited progress on the Polish Oval Doily.

Once again, Lizbeth has delivered shoddy goods - knots, twists and splitting, all in the same ball. I am disappointed, but should know by now that it is not going to get better. 
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  1. That really stinks that you have had more than your share of bad thread and wonder if any of us making complaints will get them to shape up. But your work and those colors are wonderful, love to see these blues!

  2. It looks really nice!! :)
    Sorry you are having such an awful time with Lizbeth threads!!

  3. Well, the color combination is terrific anyway, and your tatting is beautiful despite the thread.

    You do know avoiding the Fikkert doily won't make it go away, right? Weren't you the one that got everyone started tatting it?

  4. I've used dmc for a life and can't remember one knot, while I found two knots in the only two lizbeth balls I used. That's why I'm a fan of dmc. But lizbeth comes with wonderful colours, and look at your lovely coloured tatting: it always amazes me!
    Once I used the word procrastinating with my English teacher: he said that it's an odd word, don't use it and don't do it!!! :-))

    1. I put off addressing your comment, but now must say your teacher is mistaken! It is a perfectly useable word - not at all odd and a very well understood word in an English-speaking world! : ))

  5. Procrastination can be good! Who knows? Maybe you'll have a tatting frenzy, and the tatting tedium will suddenly disappear!

  6. Where's that English teacher come from does he not know the English are very good at procrastination. That's why it's in the English Oxford dictionary.
    It's looking very nice your Polish oval doily,
    Love to Mr G I bet he knows all about your procrastination