Saturday, September 20, 2014

On To Row 11!

Finally! This was a tough row with lots to pay attention to.
I actually got through it and fixed all mistakes! 
I am a happy tatter. : )

(Now 16 inches)

Mr G? 
Not even mildly impressed...


  1. Those eyes! One handsome dude!

    And the doily is amazing. I can't believe how big it is!

  2. That is a pretty cat! and wow on the doily I forget did you do that in size 40 or 80 thread? You should get a prize for that it is a real accomplishment!
    hugs from Carollyn :)

  3. Well, I'm impressed! And, Mr. G . . . he's so handsome and too cool to be caught "acting" impressed, but I think he secretly is! :) He's just feigning disinterest! ;)

  4. Because Mr G is like Bond: Shaken, not stirred! :D

  5. Ha ha. He looks so proud and majestic even if he's not interested in your tatting. Which is looking good well done
    Love to himself.

  6. Thanks, Tatters! I am really pleased with his it is turning out as I began with GREAT trepidation!

    It is tatted in DMC Perle, # 12 - like a #70 or #80.

    1. Thanks I knew it was tiny thread :) just had to hear it to believe it!

  7. Way to go, Fox! It's fabulous. Does Mr. G feign disinterest?

  8. Wow - a lot of tatting! It is looking more and more beautiful each time you post. Love the cat too!

  9. Well, Mr. G may not be even MILDLY impressed, but I am WILDLY impressed! This is going to be absolutely stunning! It's ALREADY gorgeous beyond words! (And Mr. G is one beautiful cat.)

  10. This looks amazing! It's huge! I'm so impressed. Can't imagine even starting such a piece.

  11. Spectacular! If I ever made this (highly unlikely, as I wouldn't have the patience required), I can see that there are 10 rings between each of the half-medallions, which depended on the previous round having no mishaps. Well done! I hope it's 'easier' from here on! Mr G is SO cool!