Monday, July 21, 2014

Did I Mention Obsessive Behaviour?

Guess what I am tatting...again!

This photo is strange. 
It looks all wobbly and as if in floating water, 
but in real life it appears quite okay.

And at the same time, here is the progress of the Monster D...

The DMC Perle is way too soft for me. I am considering re-tatting this in a tougher thread... but then again, I am not sure I want to repeat that 3rd row. This is a pattern that demands concentration- a whole lot of it.

The piece measures about 5 inches so far. It reminds me at this point of Queen Anne's Lace and is so dainty and pretty. I am amazed I have gotten this far, for even as of last year, I would have been much too intimidated to begin this one. 

Interesting how we grow as tatters, finding ourselves suddenly much farther up the mountain than we had imagined.


  1. The monster D is looking lovely. Worried about how you'll find the perlé on such a large piece though… I don't think it's a really well-behaved thread. Very pretty shape though and I really like how you've matched it to the photo of Queen Ann's Lace.

  2. Very nice work. I too find the DMC Perle soft, definitely a challenge to work with. I like your comment about the mountain.

  3. I love this flower!It is summer in Canada. I hope you enjoy it, and are sitting outside somewher tatting. What IS this glassy background you choose for the photo?

  4. Major awesome attitude, Fox. I am not surprised you are trying the piece with the pink pinwheel type flowers again. Because the tatting is to be mastered, not the master.

  5. Thanks, Grace! I'm gonna quote you - I like that a lot! : ))