Thursday, July 31, 2014

Burly Biggies

I used to be a serial monogamy project tatter! Not anymore it seems. After 5 years of tatting I seem to have moved into an entirely different camp.

These three projects are big, huge in fact, compared to former tatting episodes.

The most intricate is the Jan Stawasz Monster D.... Challenge. 

Because it is tatted in #12 DMC Perle, I cannot tat for long as the hour is usually late and my eyes get tired with lack of good light and the near-to-bedtime hour. So this is all I have done. 

This last row, #5, of separate motifs is gong to take forever!

Then there is the Renulek collar I will never wear! 

It is a BIG piece, having lots of tatting involved, and I like the beads. It is relaxing to tat - nothing complicated, except getting the beads onto the Finca Perle,  #8, which tends to split. I have used almost a whole ball so far.

Lastly, the Kurbatskaya Russian challenge is my second attempt. I just had to try again. 

Umintsuru and I undertook this pattern as a challenge last month. Anyway, my first attempt was not successful, probably because I used two differeng threads, made a mess of it and did not fully understand the diagram from which the pattern originated

This time I chose Cebelia #30, and the results are so much better. I am enjoying this pattern now and it definitely is easier to 1) understand and 2) to tat and have the stitches bahave. This time there is no cupping or pulling. : )

I follow conversations and posts at InTatters  all the time, and because of that reading I managed to secure this old Polish magazine with the help of tatters over there. 

In this magazine is the diagram for the Jan Stawasz Monster D... Challenge, a pattern not appearing in his two books. As far as I know, this is the only place the pattern is published. 

Lucky me! Thank you, tatters, Karen, Grace and Maureen. : )


  1. That first one may take forever, but it is going to be forever gorgeous! It is truly stunning! And, here's me spending my time scraping paint off the side of my house so it can be repainted . . . so who's having more fun, I wonder . . . ;)

    Pats to Mr. G!

  2. May be a shawl collar or peter-pan collar? Or a V shaped collar weared with the open side in your shoulders' back? Or it'd be an insertion for a dress for the Boss... Just thinking... Hugs, Ninetta

    1. Thanks, Ninetta! I was thinking of something for The Boss, but it really is a long piece of tatting. The shawl idea is a good one though... : )