Monday, March 31, 2014

Now Number Nine

It now feels as if it will take forever to finish this Spring Doily...
I might not post again till it is finished.

The red Lizbeth is making me crazy: can you see the knot and the fuzz above it? In the second shot you can see how the thickness varies, which makes having good tension, particularly in chains, almost impossible to attain. Grrrr.....

One more thing:  the red thread has broken twice. No pass! I will NOT buy more Lizbeth - any size. 

The horse has bolted the gate, I realize, but at least I have not purchased a huge amount - just enough to keep me in tatting thread this next year! 

However, in the future I will try other brands, as I am now totally done with this thread.


Dreaming about the nearly-here Canadian Spring, and a border pattern I have not yet tatted that will look good around Elena’s Russian hankie.

I have the perfect shade of Purple in #40 Lizbeth.


  1. Your doily is still beautiful!!! :)
    Can't wait to see the edging!!! :)

  2. Hi Fox
    I know you are testing your patience but when it's finished it will look lovely.
    Your hanky is beautiful and that thread will look gorgeous around the hanky
    Love to Gian

  3. Your work is so nice, it not right if thread is not made right you!

  4. I'm starting to wonder if all these spring doilies are scaring spring away! The colors you've chosen are wonderful!

    I think that hankie will be gorgeous too.,

  5. Love your Spring Doily and Ohoooo..I adore your hankie and that purple thread!!! I have also had trouble with some of the Lizbeth thread. (thought it was me not the thread) I know some of it works fine but, I have had several balls that were just grrrr..... I love the DMC thread but, it is hard to find and has discontinued a lot of colors. I will be watching as you try different threads to see what you like best :)

  6. I'm so sorry to hear of your thread trials. I'd probably be willing to trade my Maneula for your Lizbeth -- I've been grumbling about the same issues: fuzziness, little slubs, and inconsistent thickness. But, it's the only red of the right size I have. The Trials and Tribulations of Tatting (let's write a book!).

  7. Shame about the thread, spoils the enjoyment of tatting, but it is looking so good.
    Finished my Spring Doily on Saturday- will blog it tomorrow.

  8. The doily may be frustrating to make, but is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Your doily is beautiful, love the colors you are working with. I've had only a couple of knot/fuzz issues with the Lizbeth - not enough to keep me away from the beautiful variegated color ways though. So sorry you are having such heartache with it!

  10. Lovely encouraging comments... Thank you, Tatters!
    Fox : )

  11. I commented on your post yesterday and then the post and my comment disappeared! The doily is looking good, though I'd be very frustrated if I had thread problems. I look forward to seeing the hanky edging.

  12. Doily is absolutely gorgeous!
    I am so motivated by your work:)
    I wonder why Lizbeth has broken! It is my favorite since you sent me some:))) My experience is, this thread is quite solid and highly twisted. O.K. I work with size 20 and 10.

  13. Hi Orsi,
    I have had pretty good luck with the #40 Lizbeth, but a lot of the #80 has been problematic.

    I am just as inspired by your wonderful creations!
    Fox : )

  14. If only more people would tat, DMC may produce theoir old colors again,.. But it is also more expensive than Lizbeth, and there is only 5 g on a # 80 ball,...

    thread mongers of the world, are you reading me?

  15. How heartbreaking! ding dang thread. I hope you keep your cool while you finish your doily. It is so lovely.

  16. Like Jane's, my comments have been disappearing as well - testing to see whether this one will get through.

  17. I find the darker the lizbeth thread, the rougher it is. I use lizbeth 99% of the time as I've never found anything suitable to replace it with. Your work is lovely by the way !

    1. That is my everlasting thread dilemma, Debbie!