Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Instructions Ignored

I saw "Lucky Clover" on Stephanie's blog here and had to try it. The chains are extremely challenging and I messed up the count in the beginning, but didn't realize till I was finished round one.

I think I will continue; it looks okay with my alteration, and I don't feel like beginning again! I will post the finished row tomorrow when it is dry. It is now being blocked with many pins following massive manipulation.

Here it is when I had just begin and was enthralled with how well I was getting on with the long chains! Ha! Never get complacent! : )) 

See those inner picots? They are gate-crashers, never invited to the party! They created too long a chain which caused a lot of grief an hour ago!

Ah, NO. Just had another look at Stephanie’s. I cannot go on... Must re-try.

Will show you the first row tomorrow and start another round one... Perfectionism wins out... drats....


  1. On the plus side, the thread color is pretty and the shuttle is gorgeous :-) Maybe you should be making this into a (semi) straight edging. But you probably already attached the two ends... :-(

  2. I was thinking perhaps pulling those too-long chains towards the center, then doing some sort of needle-lace to hold them in place - maybe a small 'spiderweb' weaving or something. If you can get them to stay flat and smooth with the 8 repeats joined in a circle, it might be worth a try. Who knows - it just might be a really awesome design 'variation.'

  3. Hi Fox

    The thread is lovely, and the pattern will look beautiful in that thread,
    Long chains can be a headache, I am sure you will master it
    Love to Gian

  4. Keep going Fox. Once you do the last one and join it all you can pull all the chains into place. Started this one in PQ but never finished it!

  5. Those long chains do not work for me either and that is why I have never tatted this doily. But the doily is beautiful.

  6. I know that feeling. I quit after messing up. I will have to try again sometime since you are tatting it now!! :)

  7. But in the end you'll be happy you did it. And that luscious thread is...???

    I love that pattern. It was about the second or third doily I ever did, and I tatted it in size 80. I still have it around somewhere, and I'm still proud of it. Yours will be beautiful.

    I do find with all the patterns in that book, I have to count the picots twice before moving on to the next ring or chain.

  8. I WANT THAT SHUTTLE! I have shuttle envy something terrible. I bet that's LaCossette's.

    I would probably cut and start over again, too. You don't have too much invested yet.

  9. I like Stephanie's idea, and i love that thread! I'm sure whatever you decide, it will be beautiful.