Tuesday, June 25, 2013

“Jamie” by Liyarra

Look at this lusciouness by Liyarra, over at InTatters!
This is the pattern for her avatar picture.
What a fantastic design. Liyarra!

I had the honour of test-tatting Jamie, which will appear in the Danish Tatters Association 50th edition publication in the near future.

7” across

This was rather confronting at first, what with my directional dilemmas, but once I got started, I got so excited about the design I was able to overcome the foul  language situation. : ))

The thread is Daiso, #40. Thanks, Wendy - it was perfect for a test-tat for the colour is very easy on the eye in a challenging situation.

Next, I needed a smaller something to play with,
so I started this...


  1. The first motif is very elegant!!! :)
    The second has a real flare to it!!! :)

  2. Hi Fox

    Gorgeous motif lovely design and pattern,
    Your other motif is very pretty.
    Love to Gian.

  3. Beautiful doilies. Love both the designs. Keep us posted on when the book comes out. Would love to have it.

    1. Sorry but it is not a book but a magazine sent to members of the Guild 3 times a year.

  4. Both designs are stunning! The larger motif is truly elegant. The colors in the smaller one really make it pop!

  5. Honestly, I'm really glad I'm not the only one that seems to have foul language flow freely from time to time :) Liyarra is such an inspiration! Beautiful patterns - both of them. Those long bare threads would have me in a tizzy - but you show nice, even lengths!

  6. Both - gorgeous in terms of pattern and tatting. So glad you are having fun with the daiso threads.

  7. The doily on linen background look great, Classic elegance.

  8. Love that you were able to follow our mixed up directions Fox!! Well done. I am really proud of you and the effort you have put in on my behalf..XXXOOOXXX
    I am hopeful that the less complicated version will be available in the Danish Tatting Association magazine soon. Until then ladies I am afraid you will have to wait please.......

  9. Oh, that Jamie is beautiful! Wonderful color for it too!