Saturday, June 1, 2013


I am becoming very attached to this pattern 
from Susanne Schwenke’s “Spitzen-Kreationen.”
This is the second one I have done.
There will be more I think!

The thread is #40 Lizbeth, from Rachael at InTatters. Though I am not usually drawn to variegated thread, I am surprisingly attracted to this colourway. Liking both the pattern and the thread is a complete surprise to me. With tatting you just never know what will pique your interest.

That little motif sewn to the case is tatted in #100 thread by Rachael and suits the pink perfectly. Sweet!

I told Cindy I would show her what I did to the needle-case she sent to me; I removed the velcro. Here you are Cindy:

I cut off the entire flap-over and the velcro, as it was both were a bit bulky for the envelope when I have all my things enclosed. This is perfect and very flat. Love it!

Cindy is generous ( and talented!); after she sent me the needle-case and the envelope, she mailed a package of goodies to pay-forward! Here is a partial view - some things went into the post before I took the photo!

Thanks, Cindy!


  1. That's a pretty variegated thread - perfect for a heart. I love the little flower motif on the needle keeper, and removing the cover flap is a great idea to keep it really flat. I really wish I hadn't used brown thread on that one!

    Your words are too kind.

    1. I like the brown...otherwise thi pink might be a bit bland. : ))

  2. Hi Fox

    Love your heart, and I love the thread, but I like the variegated thread as it turns out different every time to tat or knit with it. Great pattern
    Gorgeous gift from candy well done.
    Love to Gian

  3. J'aime beaucoup tous ces range aiguilles ils sont très mignons!!!!!
    Caresses à Gian!!!

  4. Oh, I do like the colour of that thread, too! It's perfect for that motif!

  5. Pretty! The colour way works well for this pattern. Glad you are having fun with it.