Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Temporary Trembling...

There transpired a few bad moments when I inspected the results after the 14th row was completed. The big 21” looked very ruffled and I was in a bit of a panic...

So, I grabbed a wet cloth, and put the piece directly onto the floor, as there was not a surface large enough to hold it flat, in one piece, laid out.

The relief was... well, you tatters can imagine! It is going to be fine. On to the 15th row I go, after I purchase a new ball of thread; yes, I have to buy another. It will be the third.

Also, I have lost count of the amount of bobbin refilling I have wound: a multitude.

In the interim, for a bit of a break till I get the new thread, I used up the last of this HDT (Jess’s) on a Karey Solomon design and one round, mindless tat of my own.

#22 and #23/100 MC
The rectangle is a cape for Darth Vader and the other, a motif for The Boss’s handmade (by her, at 6 years of age!) skirt.

You think Darth Vader will approve? Hmm. 
Perhaps I should approach the
Marvel Star Wars art department.

Gray (3yrs) was suitable pleased, however....


  1. I would have felt panic also! I'm glad that all will be well, even if you do have to buy another ball of thread. ;-)

  2. Ol' Darth could use a bit of color...

    That honey napkin is stunning, stunning, stunning!!

  3. Still lovin' that doily!!! :)
    And very nice little tattings!! :)

  4. Happy New Year Fox. Your doily is humongous (sorry, this word looks and sounds strange). I can the clever use of red, one row near the begining and a few more later on. I love the effect. This has to top any tatting challenge you have undertaken. I envy your determination.

  5. Perfect works Fox!

    Your doily is fabulous and huge!

  6. Phew, you wouldn't want it to ruffle at this stage! That's a lot of work, looking good.

  7. Hi Fox

    I can understand your panic, but I am pleased you were able to sort it out and the 15th row worked out ok. Well done with continuing with it, I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Darth could do with brightening up, love the motif, great pattern.
    I am sure the boss will love the motif.
    Love to Gian
    Happy new year to you and Gian

  8. Oh, thank goodness! Your persistence will pay off with a gorgeous piece! Happy New Year!

  9. My heartfelt reaction: I don't know how she does it!
    You must tat on auto-pilot matin, midi, soir, I think I need congratulations when I get a couple of repeats done in a single day. :)
    There used to be a comedy on the radio called "The Masterson Inheritance" and one week it was called something like "The tatting of the Mastersons", it was one of those comedies that relies on suggestions from the audience. Anyway the hero was given a tatted poncho, and now when I look at your giant doily I can't help thinking of that poncho!