Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Terrific - It's Tammy's!

Tammy Rodgers, that is. She is the designer of the Maple Leaf Motif that is one of my favourites. I had some thread on my shuttles that looked like the leaves I am seeing all over the sidewalks everywhere I step, so I tatted the Maple Leaf Motif. Once again, I enjoyed Tammy's beautiful design.

It began with  a colossal boo-boo; I did not begin with a cloverleaf, tatting just one ring, not three, followed by a chain.

I did not see my mistake till I had tatted about half the leaf, where I realized I would run out of thread (two variegated threads!)  if I started again, so I did something I hardly ever do: I figured out another way to get to the same place.

Continuing, leaving the chains without rings attached, thinking I could add the two missing rings at the end, I followed the remainder of the pattern. The other two rings were added last, joining to the waiting chains in the middle.

The last join is squished, and the stem comes out strangely, but I am pleased the leaf is complete and my thinking was sound!


While my finger heals, I kept the motif small.
From Rosemary Peel's book:

Small, but mighty.


While I am on the subject of mighty, I  simply cannot let to-day go by without acknowledging how my life has been so totally transformed by the brilliance of one amazing human being:


  1. Oh, I love Rosemarie Peel's designs and those threads are so pretty too. She lives quite close to me. Same here over Steve Jobs. I'm a recent convert to Apple (2 years now) and will never return to a PC!

  2. Pretty colours - an dyou're right the maple leaf motif is lovely.

  3. All of us - he was a visionary. Have you ever seen his commencement address in 2005 at Stanford? It's wonderful!

    And I love the second motif, I've got to try that celtic tatting again.

  4. Our world will not be the same without this wonderful man with all his amazing vision.
    Your tatting is amazing. The leaf is beautiful and because I don't know how to tat I can never see any "mistakes". Celtic tatting??? Fabulous!!!

  5. Congratulations on finding a way to fix the booboo. Good job, even if it's off just a little. The celtic tatting looks lovely. I keep wanting to do more of that but haven't yet got around to it.

  6. Your leaf is in great color! And the motif is nice too! :)

  7. The celtic motif is great. I love the colours too. And Steve Jobs - sad that he had to go so young. He was a visionary. I'm "addicted" to my apple notebook.

  8. Very pretty Fox! These are two of my favorite patterns also!!

  9. Very pretty and I love the pattern and your thread, really lovely.

    I second your RIP he was a very talented man.
    Love to Gian, hope hes purring away
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. The maple leaf is so... so pretty and delicate! )))