Thursday, October 13, 2011

First-Rate Finca

Trying out the new thread.  I like it.  
The #16 is too teeny pour moi.


  1. Nice work!! You are very brave to do bare thread tatting. I have not try it yet!!

  2. They all look nice. Love the ones that have all the frilly picots on the outside of the heart.

  3. Both are beautiful, lovely patterns well done,

    Tell Gian that its very kind of him to think of me but I dont expect any presents, my cuddles come free.

  4. I have a lot of the size 12 Finca too and always liked it. It's a bit more robust than the size 16 but I guess all threads have their place. The motifs are looking wonderful!

  5. Sweet motifs and beautiful thread! I've never tried Finca, and only became aware of it through the blogs (of course). It amazes me how 'limited' we were in thread choices for so many years. Now my thread stash is overflowing and crying out for actual tatting!

  6. Hi, Kathy,
    I only allowed myself the Finca, after my stash had become "manageable." I really worked at it and have very little thread now, and only the stuff I really like! Took a while, but I was relentless - you can imagine. So, I ordered a couple of colours of the new stuff - of course the process never ends! Thanks for your comments!]
    Fox : )