Friday, October 28, 2011

First-Aid For Fox!

Ingenious Gift From Tabatha!

I appreciate the thought that went into this. Disinfectant!  I REALLY hope that it will NOT be necessary to make use of  those scary looking tweezers! But, if I need them again to remove, thread, beads, who knows what - there they are.  Perfect. Love the plastic container. Very cute.

Here is what came in the mail came in the mail from Tatbatha, 
as I won her birthday giveaway: 

Thanks, again Tabatha!  Love the colour of the Lizbeth.  Of course, I had to begin 
something to take my mind off the disaster Jon's Almas snowflake pictured after.  

I messed up again at the end -  AGAIN. I cannot figure out why I CANNOT get through this pattern without... yes... TEARS! I cannot get it right.

This poor thing is cleverly cobbled together, but the idea is to tat it, not fake it with ingenious mistake-hiding techniques.  Type A personalities are not fun to be!

I had to cut out chunks of it, and I cannot tell you how many times I un-tatted with Finca #12! 
Really, I should put it away for a while - a long while - but just guess what I shall tat when I am finished with the Lizbeth motif...  : 0


  1. Hurray for this giveaway! A tatting first aid kit is the perfect win. Who doesn't need at tatting first aid kit?

    Quick put some emergency chocolate in there! ;-)

  2. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I just do not see anything but a beautiful blue snowflake. Happy Tatting...

  3. Hi Fox, I have not seen the pattern, but based on other patterns of Jon's and several others that I have done where it is all done in 1 round, you have to be very careful with the joins in the first and second repeats. do you suppose it is not the ending where you are having the problem, but in the very first joins? it looks to me like the first set of rings and chains are twisted around, so that when you join ring 5 to the chain below, it is the wrong chain, you joined to the first chain instead of the 3rd chain. but as I said I have not seen the pattern so may not be correct.

  4. Hey, Fox, I think your problem with Almas is that after you make the FIRST four rings, separated by three chains, you need to RW before you make the fourth chain. At least, give it one more try. I am sure you can do this! Don't give up yet!

  5. love your goodies, the first aid kit is like an insurance policy, hopefully you won't need it. Which snowflake are you going to try next?
    happy tatting

  6. Randi and ladytats, Thank you so much for those comments. I have not checked the first and second round yet, but will do so, especially as I have a third go-round!

    You both a re saying nearly the same thing so it is quite possible I am goofing up at the very start.

    Fox : )

  7. We're not supposed to 'fake it with ingenious mistake-hiding techniques'? Hoo! That means there's a good number of tats I'd better go re-do!

  8. lovely giveaway!

    Let me guess - the motif to take your mind off the Almas pattern is Sharon's Christmas snowflake 2010 ;-)

    Hey, remember the Spinning Wheel glass mat i did? it took me 6 tries before i finally got it right... you'll get there.. sometimes we just have to walk away for awhile

  9. tabatha's so thoughtful, and it's good to have something standby just in case.

    ahh, isn't it frustrating to goof up the tatting again? but well, that's how life goes... it happens to ALL of us if that's any comfort to you. :)