Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dodging Delight With Delima

This is as good as it gets.

I have been working on it for days, have tatted the beginning many, many times and I still find the end very confusing.  There has been  a modicum of improvement, but I am not impressed.

Maybe I'll put it away for a few months.. or years.  There are still a few in the book I have not tackled yet, so I am going to move on to the next one.

This is the first one I finished. I ended it using a sewing needle,
 as I got the last chain join wrong - again.

This design is from Jon's new Snowflake book.

I have just  counted the motifs I have tatted so far, and I think I have done TEN of them! They all appear on tat-ology, looking back to July.

Gian has been pensive, and seems to be in agreement with my plan to put it away for a while. I think my atrocious vocabulary has him wondering if he made an error in the adoption process.


Why the potty-mouth?

Well....  here is one little hint.
Oh, yah.  : o


  1. O My.

    I'm sorry for the damage caused to your poor digits. At least the blue language has not affected Gian's eyes - or were they green before?

  2. Very pretty! I like your use of the color!

  3. I REALLY like that white one, and I sure hope you don't throw it away! I has a very regal look to it!
    I can't get over how different this pattern looks, done in different colors! You have such a knack for doing that - experimenting with beads and colors!

    I'm so sorry about your mishap! Seems like you might not be tatting for a few days. Gian is still a very lucky kitty - and I'm sure he'll forgive you!

  4. I think the motif is lovely... what book is it from?

  5. Oh no! You need a Tatting First Aid Kit, stat! Give your poor, damaged digits a rest to heal. I'm sure Gian will recommend more playtime with feathered, string toys to keep boredom at bay.

  6. Ouch! Not again!? Maybe shuttles should come with warning labels! ; )

    I thing the snowflake looks great! I love the colors... very glittery with those beads!

  7. Oh no- not again!! I hope you heal quickly!

    I love how you've done this snowflake with a solid and a variegated. The little circle that pops up in the center is delightful and unexpected accent.

  8. Maybe you need to tat with leather gloves to protect your hands. :-) If it's any consolation, I used to poke myself a whole lot more. I don't know if I finally learned to relax or somehow changed my technique, but it seldom happens these days. I used to poke with my fine crochet hook while untatting or hiding ends.

  9. LittleBerry, The snowflake is from Jon's new Snowflake book - I have tatted a slew of them in the past few posts...

  10. I like the use of the white and variegated thread in this pattern--it really lets the design show.
    Your poor finger! Is it the same one injured each time? I know there are 'finger coverings' of stretchy, thin, material. I wonder if that would help?
    Gian looks like he's trying to be invisible.

  11. Hi Fox,

    Love your motif, really pretty colour,
    but oh no you have not done it again, your hook is in trouble again.
    Love to Gian

  12. Fox, if not for the quality (but i think you are too hard on yourself), you have quantity... 10 snowflakes already from the same book! i don't think i've tatted as many snowflakes in the few years i've been tatting. LOL

    Hey, aren't we somewhat in the same boat? Our fingers get to bear the brunt from our tools. Speedy recovery. :)

  13. Thank, Everyone!

    Val, I guess you have to pay some kind of price for the privilege of loving to tat! My finger is proof of that - why is it always the same finger? You would think I would learn to do something different to avoid what I have managed again! Not as bad this time though!
    Fox : ))

  14. I can't see anything wrong with the snowflake, but understand what it's like to be dissatisfied with your own work.
    Love the colors!

    Sounds like you need tatting chain maille!