Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink? Ya Think?

  #4 Motif Challenge

Sue Hanson's  'Simply Flake' Pattern
from the Ring of Tatters' 30th Anniversary Book of Patterns
 Yarnplayers 'Peace' HDT
Suneeti's Metallic Pink gift thread 

Isn't this a great pattern?  And, I love it in pink. This is the second or third attempt.  

One of the aforementioned ended up with the wrong number of rings in the centre and morphed into an okay heart - if a bit of design-something-or-other were to be applied:

Next, in the mail to-day, from Margaret:

Lovely samples of Altin Basak variegated and white.  Such smooth, silky thread.

I also got a card from my daughter, who lives in New York. I just happened to notice the two envelopes on the table , one from Margaret and one from Jo, sitting so close to one another, and had to laugh:

  Tee hee!
Lastly, in yesterday's mail:

I think I first noticed this publications on Diane's blog here:  It's a lovely, little book.  At any rate, after a bit of searching around, I found a copy of this old-timer on eBay for $1.54 US. Plus postage of $12.00!  Never mind.


  1. Lovely Motifs and the pink thread is a nice spring colour! And where did they get $12.00 for postage?

  2. Ooh! You got a copy with a dust jacket! I am so envious!

    I love Sue's pattern in pink! What's next? Green? Purple? Turquoise?

  3. The book came from England so I expected there would be more than average postage, but, it IS a paperback and very light so I suppose the profit for the dealer is in the postage. *sigh*

    This tatter chose to pay the the price. I consider it "entertainment" in my limited budget!

    No dust jacket. Just the paperback cover.

    Fox : )

  4. Hey! I know I haven't been by to comment very much lately, but I just had to say how your tatting keeps improving! It just thrills me! Great work!

  5. that motif!! Of course my favorite color is pink :) I love that book too. It is in a local library and I have gotten it out soooo..many times!!!

  6. Hi Fox,

    I am so glad you got your card and thread, I am sure you will make something lovely with it. Lovely motif love the colour, what a great find lovely book and cheap but the postage seems a lot, but our postage rates have gone up again, makes you think twice to post anything in the UK, e-mail is by far cheaper than snail mail.

  7. I read somewhere that Royalty Rises to the Top and is a product of the society which engendered it......
    Was it easy to mix the metallic and the HDT threads? - I've never tried that.

  8. Yes, we are all a bit jealous because of your book. And I wished I lived where tattabugg lives: in our library the word tatting is absolutely UNKNOWN..

  9. Maureen,
    The silver is twisted in with the thread.

    I believe Suneeti said these were Lyn Morton threads and perhaps Lyn sells them through her shop.(?) I don't know what brand they are.
    Fox : )

  10. Hermoso motivo en rosas, se ven muy lindas la combinación de rosas de texturas. Me encanta que cuando cometemos un error, en el frivolite, como dijo Jon surge la genialidad. Felicidades pos ese hermoso corazón.
    Y de tus cartas, me encanta adivinar cual es de EEUU, .... LOS SIMPSON, jajaj

  11. Hello, hello - the threads with the silver strand running through them are Turkish threads that Swissgirl found in a shop near Zurich. The solid metallic are the Lyn Morton Turkish threads. Suneeti :)