Friday, April 8, 2011

A Wee Dragon's Sad Karma

 Border Update:

 A Tiny Rant
Remember these?

What did the poor dragon ever do except make his tatter - me - exceptionally happy?  See the Orange/Red dragon, the one I called Graydon of Orange?  Well, after Christmas, when all the Grands were given their dragon,  I  never did hear back  from my own kids, their parents, about what had become of them.  Not a thank you.  Not one  word!

Thank goodness for all the comments and appreciation of the five from the Tat-Land quarter, or I would never have known if anyone but me thought they were pretty special. After all,  Anne's dragon patterns are fabulous!

Fast forward to this past weekend when I was visiting with Mini-Boss and her brother.  Gray was dancing to music and strutting around the living-room, happily waving his arms all about, when I noticed something oddly familiar clutched tightly in one of his little hands.  Something reddish.  Something small. SOMETHING TATTED!

Politely, I asked my son why Gray was playing with the dragon and  said I had imagined that it would have been hung somewhere  in his bedroom. 

My son just shrugged and told me that Gray liked to play with (destroy) it and it would never be hung up.

Obviously, I have made  a colossal blunder whilst raising of  my son!

Oh, NOOOoo!  I just saw a mistake in the photo!!  I have to cut out a chunk....  DRATS! 
That's MY karma for airing my dirty laundry in public!  : (


  1. All that wonderful least it is loved(from a child's perspective anyway). :)

  2. Two-and-a-half, Fox - 4 sides minus one-and-a-half sides is TWO and a half!
    So you are way ahead with this one.
    Why am I put in mind about pigs? - and little pearly beads, and casting them before....

  3. Maureen, Yet again, I get a hearty morning chuckle and this time... relief! Only 2 1/2 sides to go! Cheers for my mathematical acumen!
    Fox : ))

  4. Remember the dragons very welll, we all do. One day, for sure, one day, they will appreciate and think back of how skilful you are and they will feel guilty that they did not see.. But don't worry... you have lots of admirers.. and we really do not say it just to please you, we say it because we mean it. Don't let it discourage you!!!! And the little dragons remain fabulous... that thats what they are: fabulous..

  5. I say, enjoy the fact that the little boy loves his dragon. It was for him you tatted it, right? <3

  6. If something gets hung up in a kid's room and never touched, that means they don't care about it. If it is carried everywhere and gotten torn and dirty, that means they love it. Be happy that he's playing with it now, and wait till they're all older before you start thinking about making them heirlooms.

  7. Miranda - Okay! Okay! You are right.

    I got carried away with the thoughts of posterity and I am now reassessing...

    Though I am not thrilled to see the tatted wee piece crumpled and bent, gripped tightly in that sweaty little fist, I am actually now thrilled to realize he is enjoying it it so much!

    Thank You. ♥ Fox : )

  8. Hi Fox,
    I like your 2 and half great measurements, looking good as far. You asked about Turkist thread, its finer than lizbeth but works up very well, would like me to send you a sample of it, if you would can you send me an e-mail and I will send you some.

  9. Here's a comparative tale from 14 or so years ago. Jalice, my niece, was around 2 y.o. and in love with her dolly named Stinky Pinky. (I don't name them...)

    For over a month I had chatted with Jalice's mom (my sister) about knitting a dolly blanket as a gift. I used three strands of lace weight yarn, pink, a bluish-green and (*gasp* I can't remember the third color!)??? One of them just happened to be a silk blend.

    When sis heard that the dolly blanket (knitted in either moss or double moss stitch) had silk in it, she got it in her head that NOTHING had better happen to that expensive knitted item.

    One of the first things Jalice did upon opening the gift was to grab it by a corner, twirl it at propeller velocity over her head and skip-run to find Stinky Pinky. My sister came quite close to apoplectic shock!

    I was thrilled to see the instant and loving reaction.

    Fast forward several years -- sis had to mend or re-knit holes, sections, borders, etc. on that dolly blanket countless time because Jalice couldn't be parted with it. For all I know, she may still have it floating around in her bedroom somewhere. She's 17 years old.

    Can you say handmade gift WIN?

  10. Just wish we all could see a photo of the wee lad dancing clutching his dragon. Sounds like super-cuteness!

  11. It is amazing (and sad) to me that there is such disinterest in your family toward your excpetional talents! At least your estranged niece does appreciate all the things you've made for her!

    My own obsession/passsion for tatting isn't necessarily understood by my family, but they are appreciative of items I make for them.

    This latest experience of seeing the dragon being loved and played with (possibly to its demise) is a conundrum, but maybe a partial solution is to give him a framed photo of the dragon, which will at least be a reminder of the actual tatting! In the future you can say, "Remembember when you loved playing with that special dragon I made you?" Just a thought :)

  12. He loves his Grandma's gift or he wouldn't spend any time with it. your gifts rock Fox. have a great day.

  13. That is his way of loving his grandmother's gift. Probably next time you should stitch it on to his T-shirt. Then will not get crumpled or destroyed.