Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Favourite "F" Word

Fascinated with and fixated on the vintage Finnish book! 

This is another motif, part of a bigger pattern,  that I really like.

 #21 Motif Challenge
Progress is Slow!

Now, my favourite rant - LIZBETH

Spring is finally really here in Toronto.  My very favourite time of the year.  It is grand when the weather stays cool. and the new growth happens slowly.  There is time to savour and enjoy.

I much prefer it to the fast and furious blooming of an onslaught of high temperatures that herald a short Spring.  This year's season  is a good one  : )


  1. Cute motif!
    And you are doing very well on that edging!!! :)

  2. That thread is so festive, perfect for Easter!

  3. Speaketh The Trailblazer - onward through the Fabulous Finnish book! I do like that thread you're using.
    Have you tried Lizbeth in 80? - it seems to be a lot better than the 20, smoother, silkier, stronger, and a joy to tat with.
    I haven't experienced any breakages with either thre 20 or the 40, but it does split,which can be bothersome - my little blue box is always to hand, and used often.
    I don't think the splitting is peculiar to Lizbeth - when Coats was available here, it frequently did the same thing. It is a similar thread to Lizbeth, and in later years, before being discontinued, it was also manufactured in China..... I think it must be the way it's spun. It's only a problem if you have to unpick.
    Cebelia doesn't split, and that's only 3-cord. I love Cebelia to this day, I've never completely stopped using it, and my favourite size in that is 30.

  4. Lovely motif, I like the colour, and your edging is growing. Spring is nearly over here although it is cooler these last few days, I hope that is not all the spring/summer we are going to get here in the UK. We have had very high tempurtures over the last couple of weeks which is very unusual.
    Have a nice day

  5. Maureen, What is the little blue box? Cannot figure that out!

    I have a couple of balls of Lizbeth #40 - and you are right! It is lovely to use.

    Unfortunately, all the other balls are #20. Sometimes I feel I should just get rid of them, maybe offer them to other tatters, just to get them out of the stash, as I am always frustrated when I use one. I could start collecting all over again!

    I also have lots of Cebelia #20, which I have come to enjoy, thought the #30 (which I have only 2 balls of) is even better. When I was brand new to tatting I scoffed at this thread, after reading all the negative comments about it, but realized that this 3-ply old standard was lovely!
    Fox : )

  6. Thread Heaven, Fox - brilliant stuff, it comes in the tiniest square blue box. It's a kind of dressing for the thread, not exactly beeswax - you pull the offending piece through it and it's smooth and whole again, like magic!

  7. Thanks, Maureen. Never heard of it! I'm now heading over to Google... Fox ; ))