Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Letter, A New Tat and A Corner


Followed by my new--found ability,  obsession to multi-tat:

I hope it is all right with  Miranda to share this, because I want to tell Tat-land how touched I was to receive her wonderful letter.  It was a great comfort to me and I was delighted with the surprise that was enclosed.

The beads are beautiful and you know I will find a use for them  - I just have to wait for the right idea to strike!

Also, I wanted to share the sweet tatting at the bottom of the letter.  So tiny and perfect.  

 Thank you for all your kindness and support, my friend.


  1. Querida Fox, ya veo que no puedes tener un solo proyecto en camino; yo soy igual de obsesiva. Me encantawue decidieras la puntilla rosa es muy linda y hace mas romantico y antiguo el pañuelo. El nuevo proyecto con ese hermoso centro de metal promete ser bello, y la carta, felicidades cuentas preciosas que no tardaras en saber como las vas a utilizar. El motivo floral y las mariposas delicioso detalle.

  2. You're welcome! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the beads. BTW, that itty bitty little butterfly is Jon's pattern.

    You're really coming along on that edging!

  3. Beautiful card. And where do you get your silver middle pieces to tat on? The hankie edge is looking good!

  4. Hi, Kelly,
    I get all those do-dads at Arton Beads, the best bead store ( I think ) in TO. It is on Queen Street West between Bathurst and Spadina.
    Fox : )

  5. What a lovely letter, and I am waiting to see what you do with the beads. Your edging is coming along lovely.