Saturday, April 2, 2011

Edge's End

 #17 Motif Challenge
That's done.  

Good news - sis received hers in the post yesterday and loved it!  That is indeed good news, because in the beginning , I don't think she liked tatting much, though she has always appreciated the time and effort  it takes to tat something, and she has always encouraged my tatting mania.  But, when she called me, she sounded so surprised and genuinely  thrilled. Yah!
I received something from her in the mail yesterday by chance! ( How strange is that?)  Look at these Valdani threads...

 Of course I just had to try something:

#18 Motif Challenge 

The threads are doubled as I cannot bear the real skinny stuff at the moment.  Too small. I rather enjoy this thread doubled and have made tatted motifs in the past with it rather successfully, here.

Of course, this is one of Jon's patterns (Mehur)s from her book "Tatting with Rings".  I LOVE this book.


  1. Lovely edging! Now I'm inspired to work on mine tonight rather than starting a new project. I bought some new thread at the sewing and quilting expo today... like I needed more thread! I did not see any Valdani, but I did find some Sulky that I just had to have! Maybe I'll try doubling it as you have... something I've never done!

  2. Glad to hear your sister not only received, but loved the edging! :-D And this one turned out lovely, too.

    Ooo thread... I need to get more thread... hmm...

  3. The edging turned out beautifully! I love the little bead accents. The thread is wonderfully spring-y :)

  4. Your hanky is just lovely with your beautiful and delicate tatted edge. How lovely your new threads are. Happy tatting...

  5. After all the bother you had trying to decide on a color for this, I'm glad it turned out so beautifully! I stand corrected-- white really was the right choice.

    How cool that your sister likes her hanky! It can be so frustrating to tat something for somebody who just doesn't get it.

  6. Your hanky is absolutely elegant!!! :)
    And that is such a cute spring tatted ring! :)

  7. Fox, debs estar vuelta loca con tus hilos nuevos, tanto que ya comenzaste. Es hermoso el patrón de Jon y el hilo colores encantadores, a cada tramo, parece que usas diferentes hilos. Me encanto

  8. The hanky turned out lovely and just love your new threads!

  9. Très jolie tour de mouchoir!!!Les fils Valdani sont super mais travailler en double est-ce facile?? J'ai le livre de Jon mais je n'ose pas commencer un modèle de peur de ne pas savoir faire....
    A bientot

  10. I am so glad your sister loved her hanky, and what a lovely surprise to receive some beautiful threads from her, do you think she is hinting about you doing something for her.

  11. The edgind for the hanky is so elegant!
    I love the tread you used for your pattern.

  12. Lovely work!! I need to spend more time trying to tat on rings!! I know it can be done with a needle because I did it once. I think that was me!?!

  13. Thank you everyone! I am so relieved that Canada Post did not mess up - this time!

    Kelly - Looking at Jon's explanation - go to her site - of how to shuttle tat the ring, I can see that needle tatting would be the very same moves. If I can figure this in my head as I read your comment, YOU, a tatter of great ability will be able to do it immediately - just refresh your memory on Jon's site! ♥♥

  14. Charlette,
    Oui, il est simple de mettre les fils ensemble, faire correspondre les couleurs et ensuite de les travailler comme une seule.

    Vous devez essayer de modèles de Jon. Ses explications sont bonnes et les diagrammes sont faciles à suivre - dans n'importe quelle langue! Honnête! Essayez le premier - c'est le plus simple.

    Vous avez besoin d'une seule navette et un peu de fil et une certaine pratique. Jon a aussi une explication sur son blog sur la façon de couvrir les anneaux, et il ya quelques bonnes vidéos sur YouTube.
    Bonne chance!

  15. Miranda,
    I keep thinking that it would have been so pretty in the green! Thanks for your comment!
    Fox : )

  16. That is just beautiful, Fox. Excellent choice.

  17. Love the edging. Nice and light.

    I still need to get a copy of Jon's book.

  18. I have stumbled into a pocket of tatting blogs and I'm just so impressed with what I'm seeing. WOW. My mother does this as well, and now I'm thinking it might be something I could be interested in. My hands are never idle -- maybe it's time to add tatting to my life!


  19. Yah, Pearl! You go. girl!
    Welcome to Tat-land!
    Fox : ))