Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Asked...

Wow - I botched this up!  Thought I would make it easy.  Right.  What I mean is that this join is good to attach completely separate parts of a design.  It is not useful for the picots between rings because there is usually no need for the double picot, which might just look bulky.  Maybe there would be a use in some design, but I'll wager not as often as the first use.  Am I clear?  Oh, to communicate!

Ahem - that would be "edging".... : ))


  1. That IS a neat join! Thanks for showing how it is done.

    Who did you turn the big gun on, the hanky, the edging, or both? You're doing a VERY nice job sewing it on. Maybe if you make enough hankies, one day the needle and thread will seem natural in your hand... you might EVEN come to LIKE sewing... and THEN (skipping ahead a bit) you will blow away the competition on Project Runway! Don't laugh - I'm SERIOUS! :)))
    ❤ Ann

  2. Can't wait to see it finished!! So far it looks beautiful.

  3. You're doing well with the sewing - your picots are all upright, and that is the most important thing when you're attaching an edging.
    That join is so simple - but I would have trouble with the false picot, I always do - can never make them small, or neat enough.

  4. The hankie is looking great, you are nearly finished, hope you show us in its finished state.
    I think this picot join is reallyh for when you are using two different coloujrs, I dont feel you need to use it when using one colour. you would not see the blip when all the same colour.

  5. Ann, From YOU that is a SERIOUS and magnificent compliment! My five thumbs all thank you for your encouragement!

    I am hopeful that it will remain neat and tidy to the end!

    Margaret - Sure, this is really only for colour work. I agree.

    Maureen, This is really not a false picot at all, as you are making a full picot, but just adding one more step, that of putting the shuttle through the picot you have already made and then making another! Just try it!

    ♥ Fox : )

  6. Thank you for sharing this method. Your explanation with the enlarged pictures make it easily understood.

    I tried Jane's blipless method and managed to do it after three tries. I guess I needed to understand the mechanics of it to understand it fully.

  7. Looking Good, Fox!

    I have to say though, I rather like that little twisted ring in your joined elements photo (smirky chuckle) lol

    The hanky is looking nice.. you're a better woman than I to challenge yourself with hand-sewing... I can't even draw a straight line w/o using a ruler... imagine trying to sew something - Heaven forbid! I can't even sew with a machine... made myself 2 pair of capris.. wore them to town (not at the same time) and the seam split in the derriere - yes... embarrassing. Haven't attempted sewing since.

  8. I get it!...and I like it. I just love new tatting ideas....great job!

  9. Lily,
    Whoa!!! I never noticed that twisted ring! I compliment you on your eagle eye and devilish sense of humour!

    I never completed anything I sewed with a machine. Sewing machine? No - an instrument of torture, for sure!
    ♥ Fox : ))