Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Un-Beadable? I Think Not.

#11 Motif Challenge
Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts

Lily wrote this in a comment about the Queen of Hearts pattern yesterday:
- I messed it up the first time (due to the chains as you mentioned).
- I got it right the second time.
- I messed it up the third time (due to joining the chains on the wrong side of the rings). By   this time I could see the repeat in the pattern (even though the joins are different throughout)
- Fourth time, I added a third picot in the first ring, same as you.
- Haven't attempted a fifth.
Well, like Lily, I messed up BIG TIME with this one, but I am so proud of the result. I do believe that after two and a half years of tatting this is my finest piece. I will explain.

 This is  is white, soft, Cébélia.  It is a small piece, consisting of only rings and chains.  Nothing fancy - albeit brilliantly designed by one of the greatest tatting designers of all time.

BUT, in this, the second attempt, I vowed to pay attention to EVERY stitch and to correct each mistake along the way.  I had to un-tat SIX of those TINY, ITSY-BITSY rings because of either an incorrect join placement or a chain with the wrong stitch count.

Also, I realize that though I have tatted this many times, I have always made mistakes in the picot count.  Till I read Lily's post, I did not realize that there were joins in different places along those picots.  Before, I  always placed the joins in the same place of each repeat!

So, I followed the directions  exactly; I made nothing up. I did add the three red beads, but I felt that I can  allow for my own signature of creativity. I fact, I hold that to be a plus.

I paid attention to each and every "little soldier",   (Thanks for THAT lesson CT - you know who you are!) I tried my best for consistent tension.

The whole experience felt new and exciting. I so hope this marks an overall improvement in my work, as I feel as if I have had some kind of tatting epiphany as I continue to strive for mastery of this wonderful art form.


  1. It is great, Fox. Think this is the right material for it too! Yes, it seems easy, just chains and rings.. it SEEMS easy, yes... it SEEMS...

  2. Well done! I have not attempted this pattern yet. I have the book and will look at your experience for what not to do (LOL) when I do come around to tatting this.

    After seeing tatting in a myriad of colours, it is quite pleasant to something in white.

  3. That's just it, isn't it? Paying attention and understanding the pattern. If you do those two things, the tatting always turns out well.

  4. This is stunning, Fox! Beautifully tatted.

  5. Bravo, Fox! LOVE it!!

    I'm so glad that my comment was able to help!

    It's pretty in white, and that is the next color I was thinking to work with... you've inspired me!

  6. Beautiful!!!

    Fox, it does appear that our minds thought alike. Now if only I could get my fingers to work like yours :)

  7. Lovely! This and Susan Fuller's heart are my favorites, and that's saying a lot, considering I'm not a heart person. Well don!

  8. I am glad that you added those beads! - and red seems an appropriate colour!
    I've never tatted this either, so your primer will be printed and kept in the book for future reference.
    It's been my experience that the 'simple" patterns are usually the trickiest,and some of them have caused me to take long breaks from tatting and return to spending time with other crafts which I know I can do very well.
    Tatting is not only Good For the Brain, it is also Character Forming.
    (even at my age....)

  9. Lovely in while! Very nicely tatted and those 3 red beads look adorable!

  10. Well done, Fox! Your beads bring a delightful focal point to the fore without compromising the graceful lines and curves. Un coup de foudre!

  11. Thank you, Everyone!

    Maurenn, Once again, I am shaking my head in agreement with you, after you nodded in tune with me to my thoughts! You get it!

    Indeed - at this 'stage' of development I have also found it is possible to exercise the brain as well as strengthen the character with a goodly dose of daily tatting! You said it so well!
    ♥ Fox : )

    Diane, Ah, I agree! The two hearts of my Tat-Land that won my heart entirely, were created by Susan Fuller and Mary Konior. These hearts rock!
    Fox : ))

  12. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing your learning experience with us. I too am guilty of placing joins and picots in the same place for repeats when they are NOT the same. Many times I have untatted because I refuse to cut that thread.

  13. JB, Do you keep glancing and grimacing at the scissors, as you un-tat, like I do? Like you, I will NOT cut that thread till it is so frayed it usually breaks! : ))

  14. Lovely job, you have done a great job with this heart and adding a few beads. Well done