Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pink Pretties

#14 Motic Challenge

I just wanted to tat something pink and pretty, but had neither the energy nor the inclination to go hunting through every ball of thread. So I looked at what I had in small amounts wound on thread savers, figured these two threads would be fine together, and I could throw in some beads for good measure.  Not a lot of thought with either the threads, which do NOT match in size, or the pattern, yet the result is very pleasing.  Nice surprise!

 #15 Motif Challenge 

Pattern essentially by Kaye Judt, from 'Motifs for Marie', 
but has an added section because the different sizes of threads

The pink thread is Peace, #20 HDT, by Yarnplayer. The  purple and silver metallic is way thinner and was given to me by Suneeti, last year.  

Because of  the differing thread sizes, I found that the larger pattern, which was originally designed by Nancy of Be-stitched, posted here, was not going to work, especially with the silver do-dad in the centre. Therefore, I changed both the stitch count and the number of repeats in order to make the motif workable.  I really wanted to have five repeats, but that lasy one just wouldn't have fit.

I might mess around and change it more to see if I can get something less cramped around the cute little silver centre... but I am not designing...really.... at all.  : )


  1. Not designing??!! Hmmm, it sure starts to look like it!! You always turn it into something special with your beads! Love it..

  2. Those are SO pretty! I may have to try some metallic thread. I have some from LOOONG ago which I used for a cross stitching project.
    :) Ann

  3. Ha! Well I would say you most certainly are designing on the fly! Aren't you pleased that you know what to do to adapt the design to what you need to fit? Great job!

  4. Beautiful, I thought you said you were just using up bits, well the bits look lovely and the motif looks beautiful
    well done,

  5. Both look great! I love the first one!!! :)

  6. I think it looks wonderful exactly as it is. Using the little silver thingy was a stroke of genius!

  7. cheerful and colorful. love the fibers and motifs

    Is the book motifs for marie
    needle tatting or shuttle?

  8. Leila, I just checked the book and Kaye has instructions specifically for needle tatters as well as for shuttle tatters in the front.
    Fox : )

  9. The different threads look great together!

  10. Thanks, Everyone,
    I really had fun with this and I have lots of those little silver thingys left... : )

  11. Ooh! How pretty! I don't think of using pink very often. These sure turned out nice, even if you aren't designing! ; )

  12. I have that book! - AND I have bags full of little bits of thread wound onto bread clips. I have never done anything with them, but I always felt virtuous for saving them.
    Maybe the next step is to sort them into colours, and actually use some of them - motifs to sew onto a calico bag, which I have in abundance now, since one of the Craft Shops has begun handing you your purchases in one for an extra 10 cents!
    Sounds very restful.
    I love the colours.

  13. Very pink and very pretty! I love the 'peace' thread, and it goes so well with the purple and silver. Fox, I love how you add beads for a wee bit o' bling!

  14. Those pinks are wonderful! The sparkly thread reminds me of Barbie. ^_^

  15. Your idea is wonderful, so is the result!

  16. El motivo #14, ¡¡HERMOSO!! el resultado muy agradabale.
    El # 15 se ve precioso con las cuentas en tono más fuerte.
    La combinación de hilos de diferente calibre y textura una idea genial.