Friday, March 18, 2011

Patisserie Panic

Frivolity has created a beautiful design HERE:
You can get the Quatrain design on her blog. I just had to try it.  The colour is insipid, my tatting does not do it justice, but I love the lines:

#13 Motif Challenge

Now, the story:

Picture it: the lunchtime crowd - a well-heeled Real Estate set -  lunching with clients at a little French bistro close to my home.  See the suuny skies; and hear the sweet song of the spring birds welcoming  the glorious new season.

It was a perfect day to treat my tatting to a cappuccino.  

Bliss. There I was, tatting away, so mellow in the the warm atmosphere, surrounded by the rich aroma of  fresh  coffee that I forgot to pay attention when pulling thread through a tiny picot at a very small join, when suddenly - a stab of pain -  and I felt that familiar "POP, when the hook managed to imbed itself DEEPLY in my flesh! (That little, tiny red mark?  Do not be deceived!)

First stunned surprise, then horror, because I started to panic wondering what I was going to do. After all, this was a public place, not my apartment where I could swear, scream and sob and all the drama that erupts when I am alone.

As much as I like to think I am a rebellious sort, not prone to worrying about what others think, I was mortified that someone might see what I had done.  I had to unhook myself immediately!

The hook would not budge! Twisting did no good;  this was the worst one yet!  Desperate, I just .... yanked it out!  Ohhh - this time there was a lot of blood.  Not pretty. But no one saw the event, and I was able to surreptitiously clean my poor digit with water and a serviette.

Got home, disinfected and  bandaged the finger and soothed my wounded pride.  Here I had just been thinking that I had advanced in my skills so that at least I did not injure myself with that hook any more.  HA!


  1. Oooo and ouch!!! This is why I use my Clover shuttles,I just know I would injure myself with the hook if I had one on the end. I hope you heel quickly and lovely tatting by the way!

  2. Oh Fox! You poor dear. I too have done that, but I must say you have much more grace then I ever will! At least the shuttle you were using was a 'pretty' one! lol Heal quickly, my friend.

  3. Ouch Fox! I have to tell you that I did that once myself too... but I just couldn't get the hook out at all! I pulled and wiggled and it was just stuck in my finger. Ended up feeling really stupid having it taken out at the hospital, how embarassing is that?

    Glad you got it out, and hope it's not sore for too long.

    Sorry it was my pattern that caused you such pain because it looks really lovely and it's so nice to see it tatted up by someone else. Thanks for making it.

  4. Ouch fox, thats one reason why I will not used these harmful shuttles, I have enough of sticking needles in my finger to test my blood (I am a dibetic) when I teach anyone new I always tell them the danagers of these shuttles, once bite as they say twice shy. I hope your tatting did not suffer. Lovely pattern and pretty thread, well done.

  5. I'm sorry for what happened to you.
    The pattern is very beatiful.

  6. Yeeeouch! Have you tried tatting with the shuttle turned around with the hook at the back? I can't do it, but I know there are people who can.

  7. Careful, Fox! One of these days you're going to get blood all over your tatting-- maybe that'll learn you!

    That is a nice motif, and I think it's even better with 4 of them as you have done here. The negative spaces between motifs are very interesting. I wonder what it would look like in 2 solids?

  8. *big.pouty.lip* Oh Fox, you poor thing! That poor, abused finger needs some extra TLC (and strong medicine).

    Is it possible to tat sets of this motif all in one pass? I have been scrutinizing your photo and think, perhaps not, but still....maybe?

    Your work is exquisite and I am hoping you are not set back too terribly by your tatting injury.

  9. I hate it when I can feel the whole thing. Zing...goes right through me! But all is well, you'll mend soon and I like that motif. Will have to print it out for me to-try pile. Thanks!

  10. That motif looks great for a first try! :)

  11. Désolé de ce qu'il vous arrive..Je compatie pour mettre moi même enfoncée la pointe du ciseau de brodeuse....J'aime beaucoup le quatrain il est très joli...

  12. If one is going to suffer wounding oneself in public, it's always a good idea to arrange this to take place in gentille surroundings - then one is able to call for a restorative Flat White forthwith.
    (And I hope your tetanus vaccininations are up-to-date because a puncture wound is still a puncture wound, even if it has been inflicted by the most beautifully decoupaged shuttle).

  13. Seeing this happen to you makes me rethink about trying shuttle tatting. I`m scared!! Take care please!!


  14. I feel so bad for you. To save my skin I keep away from the hook. I usually use clover shuttles. I like you motif, very eye-catching.

  15. Oh, that pattern is beautiful! Well tatted, Fox, but I'm sorry you were wounded. Hope it heals quickly.

  16. Clover shuttles may not imbed, but they sure can hurt one! What a delima..pain, blood and genteel surroundings. There is a sort of dark humor in this setting. I’m glad you handled it with such grace..and hope you heel soon. I wear those little clear patches that glue on..on the one finger I inevitable ‘poke’. Plus that is the finger I almost removed to the first knuckle when separating frozen steaks with a huge chef’s knife. (ya, dumb..but I was a young, very busy mom doing 3 things at once) Anyway, that finger has no feeling on the end and I’ve stuck crochet hooks in it and not felt a thing..until it was ‘inside’ the flesh. Not fun, you have my empathy! xxxx bj

  17. Oh, Fox, I hung on every word as I read what you wrote - but somewhere I couldn't help but BURST out laughing!! Yeah, no, it's not fun getting stabbed, can't get it out, yank it out, etc., - I'm truly sorry for your owie - but it must have been your prose and not being able to "let it out" in public - I really needed a good LAUGH!! Forgive me :-) ~Tatikan