Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Misha's Gift

Bonjour, Charlette! Congratulations! Please send me your address so I can get this in the mail to you.


  1. Hi Fox,

    I just started thinking about the give away... and I would like to make sure that it's just my mind playing tricks on me...

    You're not giving up tatting, are you??
    We need you know, you know...

  2. Lily, GOOD GRIEF! Tatting is what is getting me through this horrid time! I could NEVER give it up! In fact, in a funny way, it keeps me connected in some way to Mish.

    I just wanted to do something special in his honour. But I do understand your thinking process... I might have had the same thoughts. Thanks.
    ♥♥ Fox

  3. so sorry to hear that you have lost your furry friend. they are good for us. have a special tatty day Fox. best wishes.

  4. Congratulations to Charlette, and a huge sigh of relief that tatting is consoling you in during your sorrow. (The thought had crossed my mind, too, about you possibly giving up tatting, but I figured Maebh would have raised the roof. *grins*)

  5. What beautiful roses! - in memory of Misha? - that's a lovely idea. I know his gift to Charlette will be very much treasured for what it represents.
    Some people say that the best thing to do is to immediately acquire another kitten who also needs a good home, and will be loved.
    I wasn't able to do that, but maybe it will help you.

  6. Fox, mi pesar por tu pérdida. Misha precioso entre rosas y el regalo de Maheb para recordarla algo especial.
    Eres Increible.

  7. Hello Fox,
    Just opened & saw that you are really very sad today! & for good reason too!If it is any comfort to you~remember that his spirit will always be around you~~~I know ,for our sweet dog Sumi passed on (not ''away'') & she is always in our conversations & sometimes in our dreams too~~same as with the bird we loved for 9 years~~that is what luv does!