Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

 #10 Motif Challenge

 Here is one of  Martha Ess's hearts, using  Jane's blip-less join.

This is THE GOOD.

Now comes THE BAD, accompanied by its evil twin, THE UGLY.

 Delusions of Designing

I began a pattern from this book, and quickly became bored with it. so thought I would change it into something else.  You can clearly see what happened!  Not a good idea, especially since the original, "Coppelia," is such a lovely pattern.

I suppose I am just not in the mood for doilies.

I think I am hankering for another hanky... Did I just write that!

But, you will understand if you go and see Frivole's gorgeous "Iris" border. Even if you are not interested in the border, go and visit the blog.  It is a great read, and she has some of her patterns to download there as well.

Here is, happily, more of  THE GOOD.

This is, of course, one of Mary Konior's more recognizable patterns - Queen of Hearts. In the past, I have had dyslexic drama galore because of all the chains that curve in opposite directions.  

Usually, I cannot get going on this pattern till about the fourth try.  Here I have done it in - get this - ONE!  I am shocked! Somewhere within the labyrinth of neurones, my brain has finally made a good connection.

Also, I hate to admit this, but I see that the pattern is a repeat of itself all around the entire heart!  Never did I realize this in all the billions - well dozens anyway - of times I have tatted this pattern.  Oh dear.

But, so that I do not get carried away by this success, I see that I tatted the initial ring with too many picots, so I have to start again anyway, just for another reason this time!


  1. Now what is the moral of this story? I dunno!!! Must admit I've never tried changing a pattern unless it's one of mine and they regularly need re-vamping!!! Carry on, Fox, carry on!!

  2. It's true, the repeat is hard to see on the Queen of Hearts. Why not continue it as it is? You'll just have another decorative picot on the bottom ring is all. I think there's room for it.

    As for changing the pattern, you know that's never going to work on the first try. Keep at it and you'll get what you want.

  3. I love the Iris edging, I printed it myself, yesterday!
    It's bothersome, isn't it, having to start again when your shuttles are nicely wound CTM! - one of the more annoying hiccups,and I have become really really good at tatting over the ends at the beginning of a pattern.

  4. Aaaah! Returning to Mary Konior is always a delightfully refreshing 'reset' when one is stuck. I'm frolicking with her basket of eggs motif myself - such fun! Absolutely cannot put it aside...just one more ring...

  5. I love the heart! I never purposely change a pattern, only because I don't have a clue as to how to start. Still, I manage to get some ugly sometimes! Your shuttles are so pretty! I especially like the little fairy.

  6. Love the hearts!
    I've yet to try Jane's blip-less join. Maybe she'll enlighten us at TAT days. I can only hope.

  7. Thank you for the comments, Everyone.

    morduedentelle, You have re-surfaced once again! So good to see you! Thanks for dropping by. Love your bookmark!
    ♥ Fox : )

  8. Nice heart, thats one thing with Mary's patterns they are timeless, and will never go out of fashion.


  9. Love the good! Looking forward to seeing the new hanky.

  10. Here, here Fox!!

    Been there done that (Queen of hearts)... I started working on that pattern just last week.
    - I messed it up the first time (due to the chains as you mentioned).
    - I got it right the second time.
    - I messed it up the third time (due to joining the chains on the wrong side of the rings). By this time I could see the repeat in the pattern (even though the joins are different throughout)
    - Fourth time, I added a third picot in the first ring, same as you.
    - Haven't attempted a fifth.

    I guess 1 success of 4 attempts isn't bad?? LOL

    I like the white - keep going... then try again!

  11. Lily, Hehehe - I hear you! I have been unpicking like crazy!
    Fox : )