Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Done Deal

 #8 Motif Challenge

It was really difficult to photograph this well.  I cannot get the beads to sparkle, but they do!

Also, it was hard to iron; I cannot believe how delicate this cotton is.
It is much prettier in real life and I am surprised that it looks so flat on the monitor.

Now what am I going to do!  Oh no!


  1. That's SO pretty. Well done. May I suggest another hanky edging?!?!?!?

  2. You did it! It looks great! And don't tell me you do not have new ideas/inspiration: guess there are a million projects waiting... show us....

  3. Oh, you don't know it, but I was cheering you on the whole way! Congrats on finishing it! It looks beautiful!!

  4. I'm just not sure what you'll do with all your free time! Maybe work on some shamrocks?

  5. Beautiful! I'm sure you'll find something colorful to move onto!

  6. Love it!! Hope your sister does as well. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  7. Your tatted edging is perfection. This turned out so fragile and lovely. Just like an heirloom piece.

  8. So very elegant! I love it! You did great!!! :)
    I have no problem with what to tat next, it's the finishing the project I am on to get to the next that is my problem. :D

  9. Fox, sencillamente ¡¡¡ HERMOSA !!!.
    Una verdadera joya esta puntilla. Felicidades y no te preocupes por que piensas que no luce en la foto, sabemos que es mas bella en vivo.

  10. Well! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, but more than that, thank you so much for the encouragement throughout the process of tatting this endless edging.

    All the encouragement got me through it faster than I thought I would.
    ♥ Fox : )

  11. You have been beavering away all night while I was asleep! It's beautiful, worth the effort.
    Now you must immediately begin another, and carry it everywhere with you.
    Lacy handkerchiefs make wonderful heirlooms, it's one of the things that swayed me into doing less knitting for the family; wool gets moth-eaten or out of date. I want to leave shoeboxes of lace to mark my time in the world.
    (maybe they'll appreciate it then.... :) )

  12. It turned out beautifully! I'm sure you'll be onto something else very soon :)

  13. It's BEAUTIFUL, Fox! The edging really turned that handkerchief into something beyond special! You did a terrific job sewing the edging on - I don't see ANY of the stitching.

    Let's see, you posted this at 2:00 this afternoon... I'm betting you have already solved the problem of what to do next. I'm with Gina - I imagine whatever you have going it is FULL of color!

    :) Ann

  14. Beautiful, beautiful! I LOVE this edging, and the photo at top left shows it off the best! The corners are perfectly placed. You COULD just sit back and relax for a week or so! But I don't think that's in your nature!

    I'm working on your excellent "Maeve" pattern, and find it amazing how you developed it. It's the first time I've ever done a cloverleaf with split rings! Very cool!

  15. Wonderful. You should feel great. I am sure you will find something. Did you try photographing it on a dark background?

  16. Beauitful edging, you have done a lovely job and I am sure your sister will treasure the hanky for the rest of her life.
    Well done

  17. Hey you did it! Congratulations, heirloom is the right noun - adjectives get harder to pick - amazing, precious, superb come to my mind :-D

    I hear you on the photography thing - I have been trying to photograph some white on white tatting too and just don't have anything worth showing...

    I'm with Kathy and sewmuchfun, I'm sure you have started something really bright already!

    Thanks for the inspiration, and congratulations again!

  18. umintsuru, Yes, indeed I did!

    It only looked dirty against the darker backgrounds. I suppose this one is just plain camera-shy!

    ♥Fox : )

  19. Félicitations! ! Joli travail de finesse ! !
    C'est magnifique! !

  20. Woo-hoo!!! You did it!!!

    My verification word is "restime". Rest time may be what you deserve now! Although I know you've got a million ideas cooking in that brain of yours.