Saturday, January 1, 2011

January First With Josephine...

#8 Motif Challenge
Well, a lovely start to 2011!  I couldn't manage this pattern of Sharon's last week, but it gave me no trouble yesterday!  Even the # 20 Cébélia was co-operative.  And I usually do not like yellow tones, but isn't this pretty?

Socks for Mini-Boss
$9 Motif Challenge

Unfortunately, the border puckers when attaching it to the sock; it is a beautiful design and nice to tat - once I got the pattern in my head, after three false-starts!.
Hope everyone had a good New Year celebration, whatever the activity of choice .  ♥ 


  1. very nice thread 'chocolat'
    and happy new year fox

  2. I love the Josephines! The color looks great too... yummy chocolate and banana! I'm guessing my granddaughters would like some new lace socks. Maybe I'll ask. How'd the Sea Horse Dragons go over?

  3. Oh yeah! Those are pretty colors together - VERY rich and glowing like the sun - can you tell I'm excited to be past the winter solstice and enjoying my extra two minutes of sunshine each day? It's a beautifully tatted Josephine.

    CUTE socks for Mini-Boss Maeve! I don't know WHY I have never done any socks for Baby Doll. I may have to correct that in 2011!

    ❤ Ann

  4. I like the colours Fox. Nice tatting, and All the Best for the New Year!

  5. Happy New Year, lovely motif and the socks looks lovely I hope the mini boss likes them, she will be different to all the other pair of socks she has.
    Very well tatted.

  6. Ha! Looks like we were both tatting Josephine Knots! Wonder what that means??? Besides great minds thinking alike.(smile) Maybe the coming year will be packed full of JK's? Happy New Year!

  7. Gina, Could it mean that we are... knotty?
    ♥ Fox : )