Monday, July 5, 2010

A Real Challenge!

#23 Motif Challenge

Oh yes.  This was definitely a mighty challenge.  No dozing off to the podcast while tatting this.  The book is fantastic - clear and well illustrated.  It is a small publication but packs a huge amount of pattern ingenuity into that small space. (No -one paid me to say it!)

If I were to do it again, I would chose two plain colours, but the variegated Altin Basak from The Thread Exchange with Is'Dihara was too much of a temptation, as it was size #30 (50) - and I paired it with the #40 Lisbeth turquoise, that I have been longing to use.

(After the fact: I might have made a mistake here as Jeff thinks this is the thread he sent me in T.T.E.!  I do apologize Jeff!  Then, I forget what I received from Is'Dihara!  You see, in cleaning up my threads, I have mixed up all my samples and do not know who sent me what!  I do apologize for this and any future oversights.   Fox)

Once again - disaster with the Lisbeth!  I have NO luck with my Lisbeth thread.  This was a recent - more  recent, that is - purchase, after the twisting thread fiasco at Handy Hands.

It felt so smooth and silky and absolutely wonderful that I was lulled into its spell, only to be to be jolted to reality when it split during a join and then continued to to so for the entire pattern!

I do not think I will ever buy the stuff again.

Organizational Milestone Reached!

I have reached the stage in my tatting life, where the containers I have do not work for me anymore. I needed more space and more cubbies.

While shopping today for a new fan  - it is about 99 degrees today -  in that quintessential home and hardware store, Canadian Tire, I spotted these boxes and decided to clean up my stuff.  Done.

Now I feel like a real, grown-up tatter!



  1. One more time you made it beautifully! I love the colors!!

  2. Love the colours and you really are doing well!

  3. your motifs are beautiful! the colors are breathtaking. i'm sorry that lizbeth didn't work out better for you. thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. i hope you're having a great day! (o:

  4. Pretty motif, although the thread looks a lot like the one I sent you.

    I still don't think its the Lizbeth thread. What size hook are you using? If the hook is too small it will grab only part of the thread and not the whole strand. This happens to me too-with every thread if the hook I use isn't compatible with the thread size I'm using. Just a thought.


  5. Hi, Jeff,

    You might be right! I will fix this in the body of the post!

    In cleaning up my tatting stuff, I lost track of who sent me what. I do apologize!

    No - it is the thread. It is twisty and knotted inside the ball. Nothing to do with the hook. Really. I mean real knots right in the thread before I touch it.

    Fox : )

  6. That's alright. I'm probably going to mix mine up too eventually.

    You and Gina must have some of the worst luck with Lizbeth. I've yet to encounter a knot in any of the balls I have. I do occasionally hook a single strand of the thread while joining, but I know that the hook I am using is too small.

  7. Jeff,

    Yes, I have often used a too small hook - when I am too lazy to go and get the bigger one, usually! It can make a bit of a mess, but nothing like that thread that had the tiny, TIGHT knots that get formed there in the production of the yarn.

    May your good luck continue and not hang by a thread!
    Fox : )

  8. I'm amused that you think you've 'finished' your reorganization! I believe you've only just begun! Your dedication to tatting and your amazing progress in such a short time means you are among the obsessed!

    I just recently became aware that you achieved your Master pin already! You must hold a record of sorts in doing so after only learning to tat two years ago! Just amazing! Congratulations!

    I'm sorry you're having "Lizbeth" problems!

  9. Hi, Kathy!
    Thanks for the visits - and the lovely comments. : ) I chuckled and was so pleased when I read that you included me along with the obsessed!

    Ah, yes, I knew when I held that first shuttle it was all over for me!
    Fox ; )