Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Me? Sedate? Not Anymore!

#7 Motif Challenge

I did not rush... honestly, but my concentration was wonky. There is a wicked boo-boo here; I forgot a section of stitches and a  picot!  But it is kinda pretty, considering the button I used that I thought was pink/blue turned out to reflect yellow/green!

This is a first; I have not done this kind of thing with the ruffles before, ( from 24 Tatted Snowflakes by Bjorn) and it is, after all,  the era of experimentation.  So, I have decided to be proud of this one.

It is a pattern I have been keen to try since Tatskool sent  me a beautiful red-centred that I love and use as a guide - her tatting is impeccable!  (Check Jan her blog -   January 11, 2010 for hers!)

With the leftover thread I make little flowers to paste on letters and cards as it is good  practice for measuring picots.

My shuttles were all  occupied , so I hunted up this one by Georgia Seitz that I had forgotten about.

I will use it for clunies, as it is a perfect size for my hand, and also thin and pointless, which is easier for weaving the tallies.

Two tips:
1) I like these cheap shuttles a lot.  However, they get loose.  I read somewhere on InTatters that you can dip them in boiling water, then quickly squeeze them, let them cool and they will be tighter.  It works. Perfectly!

2) Jane told me about the self-threading needles last year.  I tried them and they did not work for me.

BUT, I saw another make, bought them and they are stellar!

Got them in a dollar store - forget the brand and lost the label.  I will get more and post the name another time.

The lesson : with this type of needle, try many brands, as they are quite different. When you find the right one for you, it's a terrific aid to the sewing-in-ends part of tatting.

Emptying shuttles.


I Just Picked Up My Mail!

Wow!  Look at how nicely umintsuru. packaged the threads from T.T.E.! New thread for me, and The Dreamy Brother will be so happy to get this colourful stamp from Singapore!

Not only the promised thread in the package, but a lovely note and a bonnie tatted butterfly.

Thank you so much, umintsuru.  This is beautiful. I will keep it with Tatskool's, Jon's and Suneeti's motif as a great example of what fine tatting is supposed to look like.  Such immaculate stitching!



  1. I think the snowflake is beyond gorgeous!!!!
    And I love the little triangular motif! :)

  2. Wow! This is a post full of interesting stuff. Thanks, Fox for sharing what you are learning. It helps all of us. As to the motif, you did such a good job of adjusting the chain lengths that your 'oops' is nicely inconspicuous. I didn't notice it when I was admiring the pic until I read about it in your post. I then had to LOOK for it. We are always harder on our own work than those who receive it. Your work is lovely.

  3. Your ruffled piece is beautiful and I certainly cannot see any mis-tats. Happy tatting...

  4. You would not believe what I am tatting with the threads I received from you . . . . the same snowflake from Lene Bjorn. Happy to hear the package arrived safe and sound. The orchids in the stamp is Vanda Miss Joaquim which is Singapore's national flower. Just a little trivia for The Dreamy Brother.

  5. When I opened your blog tonight I saw that frilly motif and went "Ooo, nice!"

    That shuttle from Georgia is beautiful. I've never bought one from her but I've been very tempted! I do the same with the ends of thread - I have a box of what looks like a tangle of thread but is actually flowers and butterflies from the ends of shuttles. Yours are very lovely.

  6. Love the motif and I certainly cant tell where you made your Boo Boo!!! Love your pretty shuttles and Umi's butterfly is gorgeous!

  7. Good point about the self threading needles - that's happened to me too!!! Some brands are definitely better than others!!!! Great post as usual. Sorry I don't drop a comment in very often but life tends to 'get in the way'!!!!

  8. Thanks everyone! WOke this morning to read this lovely comments box. You give me the fortitude to carry on!

    Umi - that is funny! Synchronicity at its finest or 'great minds think alike'! I'll vote for the second. o

    I enlarged the stamp and looked at it for quite a while as it is very beautiful.

    I was interested in the clothing of the girl, thought it was revealing - odd for a stamp - bur then figured my eyes are not what they should be! Put it away shaking my head, wondering what I was up to, studying the details so intently!

    Then, your explanation for The Dreamy Brother, this morning! Another coincidence? Nah... great minds...
    Fox : )

  9. Well Miss Fox, that ruffled snowflake is SIMPLY GORGEOUS! I haven't tatted with black thread, but the way you pair it with color makes me want to wind some up and go.

    I've never heard of self-threading needles before. Sounds like a VERY good thing and I will have to hunt around and see if I can find some. I LOVE notions!

    :) Ann

  10. Beautiful!! I need to look into these self threading needles.

  11. Hey, Ann,
    You will like those needles, I am sure!

    The thread is dark purple! It does look black in this photo, but I liked the shot so I went with it! Glad you like it!
    Fox : ))

  12. Your snowflake is gorgeous, I had to look very very hard to find the mistake.
    Umi's butterfly is gorgeous too, wonder what the pattern is...the little black covered Tatted Butterflies book? forgotten the Authors name for the moment...at least how to spell it!