Friday, July 9, 2010

Calamitous Chaos of the Recalcitrant Cluny

 Must be the heat.  Everything I touch with a shuttle turns to ....   Bad Reader!  What did you just think you read!  LOL!

Honestly - I have NO patience -  I am tired and frustrated.  The clunies have not been conquered.  This is all I have to show for HOURS of intensive tatting.  Made mistakes one after another - often repeating the same error many times over!

Gotta take a break till the weather cools. No air-conditioning in my life had me tatting tonight in a coffee shop.  Poor kitty was left melting  in my oven of an apartment.  Because the cat was ill - possibly because of the weather, says the vet,  we have 2 new fans, but this heat wave was not radically affected by cross ventilation.  Right now, thank goodness,  I can feel a slight drop in temperature.  Hopefully, the cooler air will tone down my temper as well.

         The Cranky 


  1. Oh! I can so understand why you are cranky. I didn't feel like doing anything at all yesterday as the rain continued unabated. Our summer is now turning into typical wet July.
    I am still jealous of your cluny success tho!I think it is success.

  2. For mee your clunies are well done. I can't do it. I don't know where I can see how to making one. But continue to trie and you are going to be pleased with the perfect cluny. :)

  3. Hey.....when you finally finish the 'bouquet' can place these wonderful pieces at the base for the 'dropped' petals. I think they look wonderful. I've only tried the clunies once tat TAT days. I'll wait for a rainy day. Yours are wonderful!

  4. I think your clunies look great. Maybe one of these days I'll get up the courage to try them. Hope you're now cooler, as yesterdays' rain washed away the heat here.

  5. When you get back on track, you should do something with that lovely one at the bottom(the green and black), I don't know why, but I really like it! :)
    Prayers for a great cool breeze during the warmer days(cuz' I sure can relate in our non-a/c mobile home with no trees around.

  6. You guys are more than kind! Thank you for your encouraging comments on the ***&#**@ Clunies!
    Fox : ))

  7. I am a little late commenting on your Clunies but I think you are doing extremely well...I am also trying to perfect my Cluny leaves...after seeing Elsa Du Sud's gorgeous designs with Clunies I just have ti get mine right LOL
    Joy in OZ (Australia)

  8. Hi JoyMac! Aren't hers wonderful! So inspiring!
    Fox : )