Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taking a New Tack!

 Well, the crocheting is done, including the coming-home sweater, which will not be displayed on a tatting blog!  Yes, now I am tatting for me!

The above, the circle with the orange circle and the split ring red outer ring, is something I have not done before.  I picked up two shuttles that had some old thread from work - much too soft for tatting - and just started to try to produce something of a pleasing shape and design.

This isn't it, but I learned a bit about how to use space and also about how long or short chains should be so that there is no cupping or bunching.  This was a useful, albeit ugly, project.

Next,  the Celtic ring I am having SO much trouble with.  In the second  try, on the right, I GOT IT! That simple little pattern finally made a pattern of its own along the neuron and nerve ends in my simple brain!

All of this is not pretty but is going a long way to helping me be able to tat something pretty in the future!


  1. Good for you! I discovered some of the same things when I was participating in Design-Tat class. Tatting can be much more than just knots that slide. hugs, Bev

  2. Good for you. I am still having trouble with Celtic weaving. The tatting I can do but sometimes it feels like my hands are 3x to big to make the work do what I would like it to do. Maybe I will work more on it in the new year!!

  3. Those are some fun techniques you are trying out there! Good for you! I think I will not be sharing my first attempts at celtic tatting, LOL!

  4. Yea Fox! Your Celtic ring is pretty and it's great that you've got it down now. I'm working on Jon's "Quantiesque" snowflake which has a little bit of Celtic tatting in it. I just love the look of woven chains and rings.

    The first thing I noticed about your free tat was the colors - I really like that combination. That's a pretty good first effort, I can see you figuring stuff out as you make the rounds. I'm with you, hands on is the best way to see cause and effect.

    :) Ann

  5. Great job! Enjoy tatting for yourself and I KNOW you will produce beautiful work!

  6. I have not yet done celtic ring!
    You are trying new techniques, good.

  7. Bev, So much more than knots only, or I would be long gone by now!

    Kelly, I am still having a lot of trouble with it, but I understand the way it is supposed to be, now! I guess we just have to practice!

    Chiclet, It was very brave of me wasn't it! I suppose I just love the input more than I suffer the embarrassment! LOL!

    Ann, You are being way too kind! However, the over and under are where they are supposed to be!

    The colours I picked where unintentional, as I grabbed some random thread. Normally, I do not think I would pick those colours.

    Thanks for your supportive comments! LOL!

    Hope you are enjoying Jon's snowflake! eager to see it. : )

    Sherry, Thank you! From you especially, I was very pleased to read those words!

    Carla, Yes, it is good to try!

    Tatskool, Thanks! Whew!