Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Loving the Snowflakes!

Kind Hearts and Coronets, by Karey Solomon in Karey's 's HDT

This thread is so pretty....

These were such fun to make.  I have never used a jump ring before, so I though I'd try it on these.

P.S. By my count, the little snowflakes are #10 of the Motif Challenge!  That was quick!


  1. The large snowflake is beautiful. Is that your own pattern?

  2. How exciting to have more motifs done! Good for you!

  3. Your Kind Hearts and Coronets snowflake is WONDERFUL! It is such an elegant pattern and BEAUTIFUL done in that HDT! Very pretty tatting Fox!

    And those are jolly little wreaths - so pretty and festive. the beads on the green and red one look silver to me. I can just about imagine them jingling on a tiny little door.

    :) Ann

  4. WOW, what a beautiful motif. SO well worked and now I NEED that coloured thread.

  5. Very nice snowflake, the HDT colorway reminds me of grapes, blueberries and raspberries! Yummy colorway! Does Karey have an etsy store? And what book is this pattern in, I don't think I have seen this one except when you put it on your header. Which is also a lovely colorway!!

  6. Very nice. Can I ask what you plan to do with the ones where you've attached jump rings?

  7. Hello Fox !
    Not only the thread is beautiful but your work too. The snowflake is perfect !
    Thank you for your visits on my blog
    Happy tatting and best wishes !
    ancolie from France

  8. Wow! Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!

    I needed that morale boost as I have been felling a bit low as far as tatting is concerned. If you check out the next posting, you will see what has me fretting so...

    The pattern is in Karey's book, "Tatting For The Tree". Her books are for sale at Handy Hands and other on-line sources.

    M, I just wanted to try the jump rings and since the things will be hanging from a tree, it seemed a good idea - even though the tatting is so small and light!

    Fox ♥ : )