Saturday, April 15, 2017

Re-Inventing Renukek - with Sincere Apologies

I received this tonight from a wonderful tatter I do not know who is trying to help me!

... from Italian...

Good morning, my name is Elizabeth and I follow it for several years and admire his work and trying to learn from his post. Yesterday I saw the last and I are very sorry to see that in his ninth lap there is a mistake that I hope will solve, is missing a circle than the Renulek model. I tried to comment on his blog but are not very practical and can not figure out if the comments are here. I hope you will be able to fix it because I know how long it takes to complete a lap as the 9. I greet you dearly Elisabetta

Thank you Elizabetta! Thank you so much! I was wondering if anyone would notice my near-fatal error. I left out the fifth ring of the "flower" in row 9 and saw this only at the very end of the row.
The Horror!

I could not bear to tat that row again... it was interminable, so I decided to take some liberties with Renulek's pattern and plough ahead anyway. Row 10 is working out well.

Thank you again, Elizabetta, for your thoughtful email. I am touched that you very kindly attempted to alert me to the mistake.💕


  1. Your heart must have dropped right through the floor! And it's great that it didn't make a difference, I think it's a decorative flower anyway, not structural. You would definitely have run out of thread if you'd re-done row 9.

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you made a plan - that makes much more sense than starting the round over. Even if you have to make adjustments to the following rounds too. I feel a bit embarrassed that I didn't notice there was a ring missing!

  3. I haven't started that row yet, so I never would have noticed. By the time I get that far (sometime this week, I hope), I will be busy watching your progress on the next row!

  4. What a kind and thoughtful person! I think it looks lovely as is, hope it still works! If not, it could reasonably be finished as is! IMHO.

  5. Looks like it works either way so yours will be a special edition!! :)
    It's looking awesome!! :)

  6. Horrors indeed, I made the same mistake but caught it after first repeat so I just sniped off and restarted the round. I don't think anyone but a tatter who had done this (groan) tedious round would know. It certainly is not noticed in the final result.

    1. Good for you for noticing! Great that it is not noticed in the end... :)